Elena: I want to go outside
Me: Ok lets get your socks, shoes, sweatshirt & coat

put on socks, convince her not to wear her sunday shoes, put on sweatshirt, put on coat, she wants to wear hat, put hat on, put on acceptable outdoor shoes.

Me: Do you want to wear your mittens?
E: no

Me: Are you sure? It’s cold outside

open door, it’s way colder than I imagined. I insist on putting pants on her under her dress, but she doesn’t budge about the mittens. Ok fine, I think, your hands will just freeze, that’s ok. now she wants to take her doll along. ok fine. open door. send her outside into the freezing wind.

Seconds later she’s knocking on the door

Elena: Here mom. Here’s my doll.
Me: Do you want your mittens?

Ok fine, we shut the door again.
Drat she’s knocking again.

Elena: Where my mittens?

finding mittens putting them on, sending her outside again. seconds later:


come inside. take off shoes. take off socks. take off coat. take off sweatshirt. take off hat. take off mittens. two minutes later

Elena: Mom, wanna go outside!

Sometimes I would love to be the bread-winner in the family

7 thoughts on “MY MORNING

  1. Hey Andrea!  You’re probably wondering who in the world I am??!!  It’s Kristi, your long-lost 2nd cousin on your mom’s side!  Anyway, I haven’t seen you for I have no idea how long.  10 years?  Wow, that’s terrible.  Anyway, found your site through Nicole’s and just couldn’t resist commenting.  Sounds like you’ve got your hands full! ðŸ™‚  Funny post. 🙂  Take care!

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