Family Life Today…

  Here’s a picture post.  Right now it seems all I focus on is keeping things running smoothly around our place.  I told Gene it’s amazing how little I get done these days.  To be honest, sometimes I love it! (And to be fair, I have to say sometimes I get really frustrated)  Gene & I decided that we have to say good-bye to a good nights sleep until were in our forties. That’s because Elena decided that she needs to wake up every night as often as the baby, and yes I’m learning that I’m not nearly as patient as I thought I was. Seriously if you have any advice for me, I’d take it. (Not promising I’ll follow it)  So the days are good,  but the nights stink.

Anyway before this turns too boring here’s what we’ve been up to:

Last night Elena wanted us to take a picture of her with a hair clip stuck on her finger. I love the expression on her face, Like “I’m so tough”!  Gene also painted her toenails, and she immediately stuck her toes in her mouth and said “I eat it! It’s yummy!”  Groan..

Christmas & Elena's second B day 024


                       Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Christmas & Elena's second B day 005



             Ok, so he didn’t want to be read to..

Christmas & Elena's second B day 007



Yes, we do things a bit differantly at our house…Like

Reading Daddy to sleep.  BTW… We love this book!

Christmas & Elena's second B day 019



  Poor Daddy gets the baby as soon as he walks in the door!!

(and if not the baby, the other one) He’s a wonderful, unselfish father.

Christmas & Elena's second B day 021



This is me trying to help my girl take her first picture. Baby don’t like it much.

Christmas & Elena's second B day 020



The little guy is doing good, and growing like crazy. It’s crazy how many fewer

pictures I’ve taken of him. Whenever I get the camera out he’s either sleeping or

screaming.  He’s so sweet and cuddly..Gotta love him.

, Christmas & Elena's second B day 022



Here’s another one of the b-day girl. She didnt quite know what to do with

the candles, then I realized she had never been to a birthday party before

and really had no way of knowing.

Christmas & Elena's second B day 011


I leave with one of me being my shy self and the thumbsucking munchkin

Christmas & Elena's second B day 026

now after i went through this post i really dont think it sounds like me speaking. it sounds like

i’m trying to sound like me. orwhatever. but it was me. genuinally. ok gottagocleanupthishousecauseitlookslikeatornatoehit.  Andrea

6 thoughts on “Family Life Today…

  1. your little girl cracks me up.  there’s so much to be humored by in little people learning how to be people…at least to me.  good to see you are all well!

  2. Your life sounds very very normal. As for the sleepng through the night, we wander at times if we shouldn’t have made their bedrooms in the living room. This to shall pass.

  3. Your kids are too cute!  My memories are of scratchy eyes and the unlovely emotions are a bit to vivid.  I do hope your nights will mean sleep before too long!

  4. You know what – 40 is just around the corner! Elena reading to Brandt (and the other guy) cracks me up. And for advice… hmmm… Get a dog that barks all night, might just distract some of that impatience you alluded to – or make it worse 😦
    Like I told Rich’s, it’s great being “friends of the family”  PD

  5. aww! your little girl is sooo big! and i hope can meet brandt before his… 2nd bday. you like a dedicated mom. i’m know you are for real too. let me know when you are in OH next.

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