I have this thing for cometitions.  I’m always finding them in the newspaper, and I have this idea in my head that I will win big if I enter the bake-off or writing contest or whatever it is.  I clip the rules, check out the website, and come up with all sorts of great ideas so that $1,000,000.00 prize will be mine.  The thing is I have never actually submitted anything into these contests.  Currently clipped is the 43rd Pillsbury bake-off and the Family Circle 2007 Fiction Writing contest. The deadline comes…I haven’t perfected the recipe yet…the deadline goes… and no prize money for me. The next week I spot a new competition and clip, clip, clip get excited about that one.  The worst was when I actually went and bought cans of Veg-All mixed vegetables to create some delicious masterpiece.  I quickly learned that the Veg-All marketing team probably needed some new great recipes because there is simply no way to make those mixed vegetables edible.

  Anyway, ever since I read the book The Prize Winner from Defiance Ohio, I’m enamored with winning these contests.  Its about this incredible lady who keeps her family a float by winning all these limmerick contests that magazines had back in the old days.  A neat (also true) story. (side note: book way-better than movie) Sooo any ideas for the Pillsbury bake-off? I will give you 10% of my winnings. If I choose to use your idea, and if I actually submit the thing and If I win.

Ok I need to be fair, and honest with you.  THE ODDS REALLY AREN’T THAT GOOD.

Good Day.

5 thoughts on “competitions

  1. Funny, funny. 🙂  No help from me — not good with those kinds of things.  In news you may be interested in hearing from me:  Joni, Leslie, & their girls are coming to visit tomorrow for a few days!!  It WILL be fun! 🙂 And, if you’re interested in hearing about the yost miller family, you may visit  Now isn’t that a picture: Yost, blogging??!! 🙂 

  2. yes, very funny…but i always think it’s worth entering–though like you, i’ve only entered a very few and won even fewer.  maybe we should actually enter more often.  my favorite flop of all was that i entered glamour magazine’s competition for scholarship money (but also included a trip to nyc and a makeover featured in their magazine).  i wasn’t sure what i would end up doing if i DID win, but the huge amount of college scholarship money lured me into doing it.  (maybe the professional photo required with the application was what killed my chances.  the last professional photo i had was my senior picture. hmmm….) i would have to say applying for scholarship money always felt like winning the lottery when i actually got chosen.  anyways,  happy chances!

  3. at least you get farther than me – I just read & dream but never do the clip, clip, clip.  Mostly I’m too lazy on my butt to even try to take the challenge.  -m

  4. ha ha youre funny. you are a pretty good writer. i remember your impressive novel. and you are a good cook too. i once sent a story in to Guideposts but they never published it. just wait til i’m an accomplished writer!

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