Lots about Christy Miller

   Do we have any Christy Miller fans here? I admit it, I still have the entire set hidden in my closet. They’re hidden because I really don’t feel like displaying them for the world to see. (Cheesy 80’s teen books) But I  am to nostalgic to throw them away. I grew up with that girl! I was 8 when I read the first book, and in High School when the last book came out. To throw away the books would be like killing Christy. Not to mention heartbreaker Todd.

   Now the other day I came across a web forum called god-lovers or something like that. I thought it was a forum for people who wanted to talk about God. But, it is more like a Christy Miller fan club.  What made me giggle were these people’s user names. Like killereyes4ever and kanakilikina and and rjgsavedme. AND what made me snort with laughter was some of the topics: Does Christy like or dislike nuts. or I.D. Bracelets.  THEN what made me choke the most was somebody asking when are the Christy Miller books being made into a movie?  Personally, I think they would make the worlds most boring movies.

  What’s the point of this post? Not sure. I think maybe what freaks me out is the power of a writer. That people actually take time out of their busy schedules to discuss if a fictional character, who is merely a figment of  someone’s imagination, likes nuts or not. Is that weird or is it just me?

Now I just re-read my post and I know it sounds really shbuttable. It’s one of those times when my mind is rolling with differant things so I pick a random thing to ramble about. will go. wash car. now.


8 thoughts on “Lots about Christy Miller

  1. you had me howling in laughter…. mostly because i KNOW that somewhere deep within a drawer there is a the complete set of christy miller series that i treasured for so many years. and i mean treasured. loved them. that writer sure had us wrapped up in her world. mercy mercy mercy. honestly i can’t stop laughing about the fan club. TOO funny.what on earth do they wirte about? but i kno that kanakilikina thing was always the kicker for me….such romanticism. thanks for the jolly laughs you gave medawner

  2. that was soooooooooooooo good.. the best posts i think are the ones when the writer feels stupid.. i don’t know the christy miller books but i wish i did!!! it is amazing how that works..

  3. i can still feel how i felt when i was in the “christy miller world” . she was so real to me…. that was “killer” funny. get it? ill def have to look up that website one day…
    hey, i thought you were in ohio today…

  4. Oh take me back! Actually, please don’t! Christy was so cool and Todd was just the hottest beach hunk who was just soooo spiritual at what? 14? And I agree, what bOring movies they would make. I was actually thinking about the series the other week and wondered if my life would be that interesting if we tried to write a book about it. Not that we should try. Anyway, whenever I think of the Christy Miller books I think of you. Isn’t that heartwarming?And thanks so much for the birthday card. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you it was my birthday, cheesy me. 🙂 Didn’t you think the picture was obvious?

  5. funny how those books were ‘such a part’ of our lives growing up!  different times when charles see’s me reading a book he’ll ask if its about, “Todd and Christy kissing on the beach” or something. he loves to mock those books! but they hold dear memories in my heart from way back… =) funny post!

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