Last week in Pictures

I was in Ohio for the week.  Here are some Highlights

Pine Tree Barn – was fun to browse through over-priced furniture and dream. Went with Mom, Sherry, & Rosanna. Fun.


These are the rinestone flips i bought at the aforementioned place. I debated and debated. My mom shrugged and rolled her eyes, but Sherry proved to be a real sister because she bought some exactly like them in pink. tacky? I don’t care, I still like ’em.


I went and visited Bonita and her new baby Charlie. Oops actually his name is Cody. He’s really cute, and as you can see he was very excited to see me. Joking, he slept the whole time I was there.


In the evenings I would talk to Gene, who was being the man, and working in Mississippi for the week. I call it drywall for Jesus. Here he is working in his yellow hardhat and shorts. I guess if you don’t know us, you’ll never know if that is or is not my husband. Don’t let it keep you awake at night.

 I got the chance to Baby sit my neices & nephews they are really funny.  We made a “Pillow Park”  which involves throwing all the pillows on the floor and jumping around. Wynn & Molly (who no longer lives with them because she is just too hyper)

Craigs family at Christmas – currently struggling w/ chicken pox the nasty stuff.


 So to sum up this lengthy post – had a good week. Was fun being single and letting Elena get away with murder. Now am suffering the consequences.

BTW a big congrats to my old company Precision Entry for the award they are recieving tonight. My family is so pumped about it, it will be the best advertising ever. Bet they didn’t think about me and my xanga did they? The award is energy star partner of the year. Look for my brother and brother-in-law looking their finest in a Washington Post near you. 

That whole deal made me think very deep thoughts. When I win a prestigous award that I need to accept in front of millions: what does a beachy girl wear?

6 thoughts on “Last week in Pictures

  1. Thanks for the post.  Yes, do I ever remember those morning coffee’s together .  They were fun times.  Isn’t it so awesome to go home for more then a weekend and be w/ your long time friends and be w/ your family?  I love when I get to do that!  And the Christy Miller books- oh yeah, I thought Todd (& Christy) were the greatest and that they had to get together!   

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