Smiles from February

I was $20.00 under my self-induced grocery budget. For the first time since September 04. Sweet Victory, Baby!

Read about 4 good books that were on my “to read” list. Anyone else have a list?

Walmart & Target BOTH had Beachy dresses for my little girl. I swiped up a stack, before the rest of the mennos descend.

Went Skiing. Was learning well. Fell lots.  Fell one to many times and sprained ankle and had to go down the mountain in a stretcher. Now i have a new experience under my belt(going down the mountain in a stetcher)  

Elena learned a new word: “poopy”

I can’t think of any more life-changing events in February. But I was thinking…that three  themes on xanga that come  up a lot are.. coffee, snowboarding, and trips (like going away travel kind of trips)

See, I was going to ovoid them in my post but I can’t. My skiing story was a trip. Don’t have any snowboard stories. Now excuse me while I go drink my first cup of coffee for the day.



7 thoughts on “Smiles from February

  1. Musta been hard not spending a penny on groceries. Guess the level full freezer took a hit?Try this one by Marcus Buckingham, “The one thing you need to know”. Check it out on amazon before I embarras you with what it’s about here on xangaland. His other books are cool too, Gene would get into them once he has multiple crews of drywangers. Coming from me, you’ll never guess what it’s about . PaulPS. Tip on budgetting, if you wanna get even MORE under it – simple – raise it!

  2. Hurray for you. Except the sprained ankle part. That had to be an experience. Does that mean that Gene is taking over the Mom duties for awhile? What books did you read? I just got finished with “When Heaven Weeps” by good ole Ted. It wasn’t quite as good as some of his other ones, IMO. Have you read it? There are like, 17 books on our shelves that I still want to read. And good luck with Ms. Poopy. My kids think it’s so cool to talk potty talk. Groan.

  3. sorry about the ankle dear, i wish you hasty recovery; at least you were learning well and got the new experience under your belt! i’d like to hear Elena and her new vocabulary 🙂

  4. can i just say i am a huge fan of your site? not to sound gushy.. ok, well maybe a little gushy… galen is too. when ever galen gets home and i say “andrea posted” he`s all excited. “what did she say today” he asks.
    anywho- i just cant stop thinkin about the snowboard, trip, cofee thiung. ` cuz its so true! i cant say it enough. i mean i can understand talking about the whole trip and snowboard thing cuz thats impressive but coffee? why coffee? and also a lot of xanga addresses have something to do with some kind of coffee or esspresso too i noticed. sleuth that i am …
    have a good one. kiss elena for me and kiss gene for galen. no wait…

  5. i pry wont see you at dutchmans. i work late on sat night… would love to see you guys though. i hope you know you can always call or stop in anytime… we`d love it!

  6. saw your comment on my cousin-in-law’s (whatta mouthful) {carissa’s} site.  just had to comment on the cute picture of you guys.  your little girl is very sweet. my brother matt still speaks highly of gene.  what a huge world xanga has become. 

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