Notes from the Past Week

At a Casting Crowns concert last Friday night, both Gene
& myself found ourselves interested/mesmerized by a girl who was doing
worship/dance/artistic expression in the stands.  I can say I have never seen anyone that stood
out so much. (Just describing) Huge arm motions, huge leaps (as opposed to
hops) and some stuff that looked like kick-boxing.  What I was the most interested in was that
she was sitting beside someone very stoic.
And I wondered if he was: annoyed/amused/enthralled/angry.  What are the boundaries in this kind of
thing?  Gene & I discussed this at
length, (of course) and we decided if we had been in stoic man’s place maybe we
would have been annoyed that the lens of our experience would always have the
kick-boxing worshipper invading our view.
I need my space.


Question: Hunger games? Is it worth the raving and the teen

Answer: Yes it’s that good.

I never bit when something was huge.  I
hated being e a follower that way.  So
you know, I never read Harry Potter, I never read Twilight. But I will be an
unashamed fan of the Hunger Games.

Full disclosure- Of Course there is a
love triangle, but I felt so mature and matronly when I realized that it
totally was not my favorite part of the series.
 But they are YA books, and you gotta get those
fifteen year olds to read somehow.


On Monday there was a fundraiser for Gene’s
nephew.  A lot of Amish came and helped
out.  Amish can get a bad rep, with the bonnet-wearing
and buggy-driving they do.   When it comes
to things like helping out neighbors, my heart swells with pride that these are
the people I come from.  I truly hope I
can pass this kind of Amish-ness to my kids.

More about the Amish.  Gene was telling
me about our neighbor (most of our neighbors are Amish) who was showing him (Gene)
some of the apps on his Ipad.  It seems
like a lot of our neighbors are business or retail store owners and its hard to
do business by mail order these days.  The
Ipad to the rescue.  I wonder if late at
night my neighbor and his wife watch downloaded movies by the light of the gas


This weekend is Easter.  It’s safe to say
that this holiday means more to me than it ever has before.  Jesus risen. Death conquered. To me Easter is
all about Hope.

At the end of this month is our tenth anniversary.  Marriage has been on the mind.  A lot.
What has worked? What needs changing? What used to work, but doesn’t anymore?
Can two last-born screw-ups change their ways?
How did these ten years go by so fast?

And I say good-bye, and have a wonderful Easter weekend.

9 thoughts on “Notes from the Past Week

  1. I gotta say if there is “amishness” I wish I could overcome it would be my stoic worship.  I may never be a kickboxing worshiper but surely I could lift my hands without being self-conscious!  So, Hunger Games, huh! What made you cave in to watch somethings that’s actually popular?   And you two youngests will make it just fine-you’re great together. He is risen indeed!

  2. I liked what you wrote about the Amish people. Yes, sometimes there are negative things about them. Which culture doesn’t? But their sense of community is incredible. Really amazing. And seriously, ipads? I should have guessed, knowing they have cell phones, but this really cracked me up. And yeah, why not watch movies by the light of the gaslamp? That is too funny!And congratulations to almost 10 years! What a milestone!

  3. I was all nonchalant about Hunger Games. I watched Twilight (never read the books) because I wanted to see what the hype was about, and I still don’t understand. But I read a compreshensive article about Hunger Games the other day, and I actually think I might try reading the books or watching the movie sometime. Something about it intrigues me.

  4. @richlyblest – Maybe you didnt get them because your not attracted to vampires? 🙂 I always thought the premise was kind of silly so I didnt bite (also I didnt feel like offending people who thought it was bad reading)  By all means read Hunger Games, and tell me if you like them.  I am quite the evangelist.

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