Super Tuesday

“You are so mean!” She yells, and then adds “So so MEAN”.   She stomps upstairs crying.  I sigh and roll my eyes.

My day had been busy.  It had ended with
a call to Gene reminding him that we forgot we had PTF that evening, and the
decision that I would be the one to go.

Quesadillas were fried, and flopped on the table.  I started eating without telling anyone, because
that’s how badly I wanted silence (plus I was running late).

I had sneaked into the gym late, and casted my votes for the fundraising
committees. (It’s simple, if you don’t know the candidates, always vote for the
person who’s name has a nice ring to it)

I had come home and thought my days duties were done.  It turns out that my duties are never done,
and I keep forgetting that lesson.

I had been short with her, I admit.  I
gave her attitude that said, “My stuff is so much more important than your
stuff, and I don’t have time for your stuff anyway”.  When a mom gives a little attitude, it is
returned to her in three-fold, another lesson I keep forgetting.

So while she was taking a bath, I went in and made my things right with
her.  With red swollen eyes she forgave
me, and understands that moms get grouchy too sometimes.

This morning it is all forgotten.  While
I was combing her hair she was telling me about the boy who is always hugging
her.  “Every time I walk by him he hugs
me, everybody knows that he likes me mom.”


So life keeps unfolding, and I know someday I will look back on these times
with such nostalgia, and wish I had been more patient, more loving, and not
been so overthinking about
everything.  I know that in our family we would be lost without forgiveness,
it makes everything go around.

That was my Super Tuesday, How was yours?

11 thoughts on “Super Tuesday

  1. oh, andrea…i hear ya. we too are a family that would be lost without forgiveness. it’s needed around here, and often. thanks for the reminder to just keep it real with our kids.. to admit that yes, moms get grumpy too!:)happy wednesday!! though it feels like friday…i’m so messed up on my days since getting back. 😉

  2. I had a trying Tuesday… Kendall was gone all day until around 10 pm, and Kierra was so tired and crabby yesterday, and wouldn’t take a decent nap. Everything I told her to do, she argued, whined, cried. By 8:30 or so, I had HAD it, and I was yelling at them while getting them ready for bed. I wasn’t tolerating any nonsense! Poor Kierra, she was crying because I hurt her feelings. My heart was hard, and I sent her to bed without much sympathy. 15 minutes later, she came downstairs, still crying. My conscience was pricked, and then when she said “I just want you to love me,” I felt really guilty. I knew Kendall was on his way home, so I let her curl up beside me on the couch. When Kendall took her to bed, she prayed that she would be a good girl, and that there would be no yelling tomorrow. Poor thing. I have been doing better at not yelling at them, but then when I do, I think she is more sensitive to it. So… that was my Tuesday!

  3. what she said about the boy that hugs her when she walks by, reminded me of my kindergartener.. who came home off the bus one day and told me matter-of-factly, “Garrett tried to kiss me again, and this time I told him, ‘Garrett, if you kiss me, I will slap you across the face.'” I blinked and went, whoaaaa…. okay. Good girl…. I think. Apparently she had told him before to leave her alone, but those little kindergarten boys can be relentless, eh. I asked her what he did, then. She said he moved to a different seat because he was scared…. 🙂

  4. This is so good.  I relate to:  eating ahead of time because I badly want peace, forgetting that a little attitude in me is returned 3-fold, forgetting that my duties are never done.  All of this, really.  But I thought I was the only one who excelled at overthinking.  Forgiveness is so beautiful.  I want to give it as freely as my children do.  Here’s hoping Wednesday is much more super than Tuesday.  Or I guess that would be “superior to”, right? 😉  love you.

  5. being a mom is great … except when my faults return to me in 3 fold! I am so glad that kids are so forgiving…because this family orbits off of forgiveness also! I hope you have a great rest of your week.

  6. i keep forgetting some of the same lessons. trying to come up with the next meal while raising kids, milking cows and folding laundry has been known to cause short term memory loss in most moms. hence, repeating lessons already learned. :)thank God for forgiveness! love your reminder. and new mercies with my morning coffee.happy super thursday. 🙂

  7. I’ll have to see if xanga lets me still sign in!! So glad I found your blog again!!!! You had me laughing, and I do not laugh easily at the computer.:) I read back as far as your 5 thingsBeachy post. Would have read further, but you know, children…. Anyway, maybe someday we’ll bump into each other again. Kristi used to be Helmuth

  8. Funny, my Tuesday was kind of a doozy too. I think you read that post, so you already know.  The “YOU’RE SO MEAN!” thing…is that just a girl thing or what. Nikki says that to me almost daily.  I pretty much just ignore her, because a lot of times when she says it I haven’t even been mean.  And yes, the part of needing repeat lessons. My word, I can so relate!!

  9. it was good to read about you and life and kids….usually i hate tuesdays, not sure why, but they are never (hardly ever) great! hope you have an awesome weekend…

  10. you’re so self-aware…it’s awesome (IMO).’I know someday I will look back on these times with such nostalgia,That reminded me of the emotion I felt cleaning out the front playroom…really unused for a few years from the time my daughter was playing with dolls, until last year when she turned 14…what can I say  Anyway, I found her dolls just as she left them the last time she played with them in that room.  I imagined her saying to her dolls, sleep well and I’ll see you tomorrow, baby…and there they were untouched for years.  I couldn’t stop laughing to think that, but I sensed it was my grief over the loss of my little girl.I realized that that little girl is gone…and there’s opportunity for a new relationship that my daughter’s become, but it seemed the transition was amazingly quick, almost like walking through a doorway into a new home.So all that just reminds me that I only have this moment in which to live…the past and the future are really not ‘real.’….and it seems to me reading your stories that you are totally living…yours is a full life (doesn’t seem you’re missing out on a thing…smeary smiles, big hugs, wiping tears, chowing mexican, a warm home, cards, and even candy necklaces, if you can handle it 😉

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