One day at a time.

Last week I had an epiphany of sorts.  It came after a talk with my husband.  And I decided that yes, this year, by golly, I’m going to pull out all the stops, and break my back trying.

What am I talking about? The simple thing of GETTING MY THINGS DONE ON OUR FARM.  Flower beds to weed and then mulch.  A huge lawn to keep mowed.  Our sidewalks have turned black and need washing. And I haven’t mentioned bookwork.   Or the little projects I have in the back of my mind, like painting the porch. 

Previously my attitude had been: There is no way I can get everything done, so I’m certainly not going to stress myself out trying”.

Then I realized that maybe I’m just using that as an excuse to be lazy.  And since a good work ethic is next to godliness; it was time for me to get my groove on.  (Ok that was a stretch. First of all, maybe not true, second of all, I don’t groove when I work… usually)

So I’m one week into this new “get it all done” attitude.  Every night this week I have crashed into bed.   My body is achy and sore, from me running all over the farm trying to get things done.  It’s a little depressing because when you drive into our lane, there is no way of knowing how hard I’ve been working. 

How long do you think I’ll be able to keep this up until I go the full cycle and arrive back at “Now why am I trying to be Wonder Woman?  I’m giving it up, before I have a breakdown”.

It’s amazing how short-term my resolve is.

Miracle of miracles I’ve been having a lot of fun.  The kids have been low maintenance, thanks to six kittens, beautiful weather, and a new sandbox.  Two nights this week I didn’t have to cook.  My spinach is peaking in the garden.  Yes, I had a momentary lapse of reason and planted spinach.  Never mind that we don’t really eat spinach.

 Oh, and before I forget, one weed in the garden had been giving me fits in years past.  I pulled it and it would keep growing and shoot little baby plants everywhere.  This year I discovered it’s no weed, it’s a flower!  See, like I told Gene 2008 is my year.

You all have a good weekend.  Yay!  Tomorrow is Sunday, a day of rest. In which I am thankful, and hopefully Gene will be in the mood to give me a two hour back massage.


****For those of you who don’t know me and don’t have a clue if I’m serious or not.  Here’s the deal. I am working a tiny bit harder than what is norm for me.  But you know what? It’s 9 a.m. and I’m in my pj’s on my recliner, drinking coffee, so you know it’s not horrible.  The people who know me well are rolling their eyes because they know the “new attitude” has max….oh, two weeks left.  But I’m gonna show them.  Yes sir.  I’m in it for the whole summer, I am!

18 thoughts on “One day at a time.

  1. I could so identify with this post!  I also know what you mean by all the little projects in the back of your mind.    Here’s to hoping that you will last the whole summer. 

  2. Oh my, will I write this one day.  I have been so unmotivated of late.  Blah!  The only reason I have been hustling about th elast few is we are having church in our home… TOMORROW!  And here I am.  What type of flower is it that you thought a weed?Kim

  3. whew. You made me tired.  I married into a family of wonder women… Not sure how they do it… but it can be kind of depressing at times.

  4. i get fits like that,too. i don’t live on a farm,but rather, downtown in a city…so mine are more of the get up,shower immediately,drink green tea instead of coffee,begin laundry,read bible stories to the boys after feeding them oatmeal, bake some bread for the neighbors….and on and on the day goes…except,most often like today,it’s nearly noon and i have gotten some work done, but i’m unshowered and lounging about between spurts of effort in my pjs. sigh.

  5. You go sis!  Freddie prolly thinks you should come up here an give me a kick in the pants with all your energy.  Actually I kinda felt like I just woke up from hibernating too until Mom popped in the other day and said “Everytime I come in here your sitting on that corner.”  Oh well, Roll on!!

  6. Andrea, I sure hope your post wasn’t all fiction ’cause I actually had tears in my eyes when I pictured all the work you have there on the farm.  Right now with little kiddos my little house and little backyard is just pretty ideal, but in 10 years we’ll be popping at seams here and you will be there with all your kids spread over your property each working at their individual projects/tasks. They’ll be learning incredible discipline and work ethics. So hang in there for a few years

  7. Hi Andrea, I just thought I’d say Hey!! Its always fun to find and reaquaint with old friends…SMBI 2000!! Looks like now you have a couple cute little kids!! How old are they?

  8. I love it! I made myself a mental promise Saturday or Sunday to get so much work done this week that I will sigh in utter contentment next weekend over all my completed projects. Hmmm, maybe your “weeds” are four o’ clocks? I like the fact that you planted spinach. I would feel so wholesome to have that growing in my garden.

  9. Andrea, I SO KNOW how you feel.  I always get a BURST of determination/energy this time of the year.  And then when the humidity kicks in, I give up.  I married into a family of wonder women too, and my MIL used to live here on the farm and always had everything perfect.  I feel the pressure sometimes, yee-owww!!!  I agree with Anna.  I think we just need to hang in there (and maybe accept help?) because in a few short years, our kids will be so disciplined and virtuous.   I need a kick in the butt right now, and get out there to can strawberry danish.  I’m atta here. whoosh…

  10. yee-haw! well, if you max out for two more weeks there might not even be any work left for the rest of the summer. hey, let’s do a swap, your un-wanted spinach for my why-the-heck-did-i-plant zucchini.

  11. Oh, but spinach is a wonder food, I used to hate it too,(cooked) but now I mix it in with lettuce & love it…You just wait in a few yrs. those littleones will be helping alot…

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