Camping with Friends

Last weekend was “Mountains Weekend” with our friends at a cabin.  It was tons of fun, and I told Gene it felt geeky and wrong, how excited I was about the weekend.  It turned out great.  I don’t know, it was super-enjoyable for me to be surrounded by lots of creative, intelligent, down-to-earth, and funny people.  How’s that for a pat on the back, friends who were there? 

Considering how intelligent and creative these people are, it was amazing what horrendous business ideas they came up with all weekend long.  Must have been an off weekend.

Here are some pictures not nearly enough and not nearly of everybody:

043 032
Lots of sitting around going on…………..


047 045
These pictures make me grin.  “Ball Back! Let’s hold ’em!  We have a break! Pick me up guys! Let’s use our three hits!”  And on and on….


050    Gene:  Do you really think there’s a market for my drywall scraps?

Dale:  Absolutely, I use them in my dog kennel all the time.

Gene: Would it be fiscally responsible to get my gypsom board tested for nutritional value?

Dale:  Hmmm, I’m not sure, maybe we should call and check with Crown Financial Ministries.

Church Time.  I think we’re singing a hand motion song, notice all the girls are doing something different with their hands.


These pictures made me smile too.
What could the tall stranger be thinking?  No one will ever know. He’s so mysterious that way.

059 060 058

Do you notice even when your with other people, you still end up filling the camera with pictures of your family?
Or is that just me?



10 Minutes after we left…..



That’s all I got, picture posts take me forever to do.  I am tired.  I’m going to head for bed.
Later, Andrea

6 thoughts on “Camping with Friends

  1. that gave me JOLLIES!!! and yeah, i felt nerdy too because g and i have commented so many times about how fun we had. ok, that came out amishy. anyways. i think it`s the down to earthness that i liked. sitting on the kitchen floor was a favorite moment… oKAY. the vball pictures. i about split a gut! and the conversation with gene and livingood— killed me! so funny. you made my day!!!

  2. Nice pictures!  Yup, if I have my camera, I’m gonna take pictures of my children.  LOL  My husband thinks it’s funny that I am taking more pictures now than when we just had one child.  With his mother, she took only a few of his growing up years.  He was #5.  

  3. @PaDast – Yeah i was gonna crop myself out because it looks like I’m sneakily eavesdropping on their conversation.  Oh, and I am in every single picture that Gene took. (made me feel good about myself)

  4. i found you from baileyandme, and like her, i think you are way too hilarious! so i subscribed. a girl can never have too many  good laughs! p.s. i mean i think jenny is hilarious and you also. not that jenny thinks you are hilarious…but she probably DOES think that.

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