On my Kids and Kittens

The other day I was feeling like I had been kind of neglecting Elena’s psychological wellbeing.  You know what I mean?  I hadn’t been ignoring her that day, but I hadn’t been super affirming either.  So I gathered her in my arms and said: 

“Elena, you know what, you are a really good older sister to Brandt, I just love when you…”

She interrupted me. “Mom, just stop talking!”

Well, I guess I won’t worry that she has a good self esteem.

She’s at a really cool stage right now.  Just a tad naïve.  When she’s being naughty, she’s scared to death I’m going to find her, so she gives me little warnings.  I’ll hear her voice in the bathroom. 

“Mom don’t come in!  Ok, Mom?  Don’t come in right now.  Don’t look at me Mommy.”

Could this be a tiny sign she’s doing something I don’t approve of?
Usually, yes.


Here she is with her
best dolly friend, Larisa.

Brandt has discovered one of life’s great pleasures:  eating.  He walks around munching food all day long.   He’s not even on the percentile chart for weight anymore.  Yikes. 


His other great loves are his Daddy and the outdoors.  Combine the two and I get stressed.  I open the door to let him play outside and he’s fine.  Gene comes home.   Brandt tears across the driveway, running after him, regardless of whom or what is coming.  There is lots of wailing and crying going on if Gene can’t absolutely, right now pick him up and carry him as he chores.

Oh yes, before I forget, he already loves to pick on his sister.  Purposefully he’ll grab her doll (or her book or any object really, that she has in her possession) and run away with a little grin plastered across his mug.   I would punish him more, but it’s just so cute.  (And by the time I get there, she has righted the situation by snatching it back)  Ah, such a harmonious, peaceful home.

 He really is a lot of fun.  He’s very happy-go-lucky, unless you steal his potato chips. 

These kitties have entertained the kids for hours.  I would advise any mother to invest in kitties for her offspring.  They’re great if you don’t mind incessant meowing and constant feeding and littering that seem to be a part of their nature. 

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Have a great week everyone.  Yes, we have about two more kitties to give away…Any takers?


5 thoughts on “On my Kids and Kittens

  1. THat is so cute what your little girl said while she was in the bathroom!!!! And in reply to your comment,yes, I still write some, if you go back to my older posts, it was in May, I have a song posted that I wrote after Steven Curtis Chapman’s lil girl died.

  2. hey andrea. i had to laugh at the comment you gave my mom on her site about you wishing your mom would know how to use a computer. my big sis is the one that set up the site, mom has no clue how to use it! other than that, she -for the most part- knows how to use a computer.

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