The water on our farm is contaminated. It has been for about a year. Don’t worry; the DEP is all over it. (ummm…. Department of Environmental Protection) Now if you want to know more knitty-gritty details about the what/why/how of the contamination you’ll have to message me, because I’m not all about the details.

      ANYWAY they (the DEP) drilled a well in our field to test the water every so often. The other week they came to my front door and needed to find their way to the well to take a sample. I told them how to get through the fenced area in the field, we chatted a bit. I was all jokey and talkative and then told them that in the future, they can just go directly to the well, they don’t need to come to the house and tell me that they’re here. 

      As they were leaving I was thinking to myself “I’m so getting into this farm thing. I am such a knowledgeable and experienced farm wife.”  It just felt so good not to have to call Gene and ask him “Now where is that well the DEP drilled?” 

      Fast-forward to today when Gene calls me with panic in his voice “Someone called me that the DEP is in the field. That’s the field where the mad bull is.”

      Oh duh. I knew that. That bull is like dangerously mad. I called him The Killer. So as I’m imagining mangled bodies hanging over the fence, blood soaking into the ground, and headlines screaming Four Killed Due to Farm Wife Negligence, I rush out to tell these people that their lives are hanging in the balance. And GET OUT OF THIS FIELD RIGHT NOW.

      Someday when I get it right, I’ll be sure to tell you all about it.

So today I’m cleaning up my compute (deleting files, add ware, viruses etc) and I found this all typed up, ready to post on xanga, but I had forgotten to do so. It all happened about six months ago. I popped it in here; because I didn’t post this week anyway. 

We sold the bull soon after, due to his penchant for attacking people.
Have a good weekend, you all!

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  1. Hillarious…did the DEP know what a bull was?!!!  I HATE the  animals.  and am not sure I would ever trust one in a fence even.

  2. absolutely hilarious!!  What a great laugh to start off the week.  I’ve been sick.  Heard you were too.   toodles.  Hey, stop in sometime… coffee’s never hard to brew.

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