Because my day opened up wide

    Originally today was going to be “Sister’s Day”.  For those of you who don’t know what “Sister’s Day” is, it’s when the sisters and sister-in-laws of the family get together and talk and eat.  In Ohio we didn’t call them Sister’s Day because we called them “Coffee Parties”. (And later it shortened to “Coffee”, as in “Elsie is having a Coffee”).

  That bunny trail was just to inform you that “Sister’s Day” was cancelled.  Why? One of the sisters decided to have a baby instead.  The nerve.

  So first of all I was dashing around like poparazzi trying to get a few.  It didn’t work well so we went outside to play.  Here are pictures of our morning.  Hot off the presses, just hours ago.



Feb March 08 007   Feb March 08 006     

“I’m just chillin.  The only thing that could make this better is a cookie.  Or no, a bottle. No, make that a bottle and a cookie.”



Feb March 08 016
I picked pink to remind everybody of the geraniums, the poppies, the daisies, golden rods, the crysanthamum, the monocotyledon that soon will be springing up everywhere.  And it matches Elena’s crocks that she is so proud of.



Here is the granddaddy of wheelbarrows.  It even gets flat tires, since it thinks it’s a truck or something.

Feb March 08 020
And while my kids are swinging their hearts out, I clean up the winter debris.  See, in the winter time, I do farm-wife things like darn all our stockings, crochet several blankets, repaint the plow for spring plowing, and change all the oil on our pick-ups.  Since I’m so busy with repairs and maintenance the lawn gets neglected.   Just kidding, shoot, now I have to tell what I really do.  Well if I tell you what I really do then there would be no secrets in my life would there?



Feb March 08 004
AND this is the newest addition to our farm.  We  set it out in our driveway so the feed truck drivers, the chicken salesman,  Gene’s workers, friends and foe don’t run over our kids.  It’s so nice to have a sign we can rely on in these perilous times.


Duty calls, I need to run.  Have a fun rest of the day.

10 thoughts on “Because my day opened up wide

  1. I really need one of those signs.  Great post… started laughing somewhere around the part about you painting plows and changing oil.:)

  2. My wheelbarrow needs to take lessons from yours.  It has a flat tire… it must not think it’s a truck.  We need one of those watch children signs- my brother-in-law and father-in-law are always flying in our driveway.  Good farmwifely post!

  3. This is funny.  We had “Sister’s Day” in w/ my in-laws.  I always resisted the name because it reminded me of “Sister’s Sewing.”  And if you don’t know why I have negative conotations w/ that, never mind.  I had a S.D. cancelled because of a SIL’s baby being born that day, too.  What do you know.  Might be the thing to try next time someone is overdue.
    Love(!!!!) the last picture!

  4. i like your sign, really do. i would just be more worried about my KIDS than the drivers. but i’m sure you have them trained well to stay back from the jumbo tires and not sneak onto the back of the pickup trucks. :)and hey, what is with the pa weather?? outside in sweatshirts? were you on vaca again? in florida?thanks for the birthday wish. too bad it didn’t have sound with it. teehee. it was a nice birthday. nice date. nice restaurant. nice hubby… mostly nice. yeah, a call would be great! try today. if im not home im at wally world. or try tomorrow. ill be at home making amish friendship bread. want some?

  5. oh yeah, we went last week. i’m not sure its really grabbing us tho. we stood around most of the time cuz there wasn’t a lot to do. the kids did alright and i talked to some lonely people. which i need to do more regularly. you know you are sheltered when you automatically assume that the pregnant lady is married to the baby’s father. 🙂

  6. your hilarious you really are.. put up a bunch of yellow signs. that would be terrible if one of the kids got run over.. my uncle ran over my cousin with a tractor when he wasn’t even two yet.. i still remember the tire tracks running from his forehead to his toes.. sorry. not meaning to freak you out.. like the sign.

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