All I Know about Chicks

Sorry to disappoint, but I mean the cute feathered bird.

Last week, just as we were celebrating Valentines, we got a shipment of baby chicks. (shipment of chicks? that sounds like they came via UPS, which is not the case)  This happens about twice a year, and so for a week we eat, breath and sleep chicks, until they are big enough to take care of themselves.


 February 07 010
See? Here they are, I know they’re soo cute you all just want to hop right on over to our place to see for yourselves.


Now, here are the rows.  Lots and lots of cages filled with chicks. When I was young, I thought these rows would never end, they’re so long. Young was like three years ago.  I still think the rows are too long.

February 07 007
That cart is called “The Feed Cart”.  We ooze creativity around this place.  And that little thing that Elena is standing on?  I call it “The Stand.”  The stuff Brandt is sitting on? It’s “The Feed”.  Gene is dumping feed into each cage, which is what we do every day until the chicks can take care of themselves.  That’s “Becoming of Age”.  It usually happens by the time they are four days old.


Sitting on the Feed Cart is like being in your very own portable sandbox.

February 07 014
Except it is dustier. And flakier. And smellier.


February 07 013
A little feed dosen’t hurts anybody.


February 07 019
Here I am doing it all by myself for about two minutes, which drug on for an eternity, while Gene was busily fixing a water leak.  I always jump at the chance to wear a bandana and Gene’s Strober Building Supply T-shirt.
Farm girls always wear bandanas.
Fact:  Just girls who think it makes them more like a true-blue farmer.

So if you stop by and you can’t find me, I’m probably up in the chicken house. 

Gene says that was a cheesy way to end the post. So goodbye and goodnight.


10 thoughts on “All I Know about Chicks

  1. this is a scary post. It brings back haunting memories of many days and nights spent confined in a chicken house… but it was with old stinky hens, not chicks. Anyway, you look like  true blue farmer to me. Love the way your kids look. You’ve been soundly thrashing all the preconcieved notions I ever had about you, you know that??! Ah, but it’s all good.
    Good night, then. Sleep well– be sure to pick the dust boogers out of your nose before you fall asleep, else you’ll snore like crazy. :o)

  2. May be cheesy, but he can’t argue that you do a great job with your posts.  (and no, it was not cheesy)  I always get a good laugh just when I need it.

  3. not jealous, as Anna is.  Can’t stand that chicken smell.  Is chicken food why Brandt is putting all that weight on? Cheers to you for showing up in the chicken house.

  4. Hey- I followed you on Bailyandme…so here are my thoughts…<table class=”blogbody” border=”0″ cellpadding=”1″ cellspacing=”0″ width=”100%”><tbody><tr><td width=”5%”><td valign=”top”>……A
    practical, honest, hard working farm girl. Funny (“the Feed Cart”,
    “marhmallows wallowing in the drawer”) and by the way, really young
    looking for having 2 kids! ….and by the way, incorrect in her
    political predictions (and yes, I’m a menno mom who likes to follow
    politics too). Many loyal fans/friends/commenters. Nice to meet you! 🙂
    Candice By the way, my xanga site has nothing. My real blog is…..

  5. I would come “peep” in if I could. Cute peeps and children. I like to read your posts. -still chuckling

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