If you have never been a stay at home mom, I really highly recommend it.  Seriously, at this stage in life I get so much time to think.  So If you like thinking and digesting things over and over in your head, this is the life for you.

It usually goes:  Thinking: about the fires in Greece

Thinking: about the families of the Coal Miners

Thinking: about this whole culture we find ourselves in

Thinking: what it means to be a disciple.

Thinking: Why Did My Bath-Towels All Turn Green?

and in-between there’s lot’s of tiny little thoughts about supper, dirty diapers, shopping lists, changing the flower bed plans, crumbs all over the floor, dirt in the bathtub kind of thoughts.  I think in some ways you lose yourself being a SAHM, but in a lot of ways you find who you really are.

Side Note:  Never wash your new khacki bath-towels with a navy blanket purchased in Guatemala.  It just does not work. They will turn a bright aqua color.  Then these aqua towels will beed over everything else, so all your towels will be the same muddy-aqua hue.
Will I never learn? I can see mom shaking her head at my inexperience….


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  1. cat milkers is GOOD. i like. i must, i snorted out loud over it. 🙂 oops, now i just wrote it on xanga too… yes! we would love to see you guys too. for real, i am so ready to visit fam and friends in good old PA again… i just saw you posted above… that`s funny becuz i was just thinking the other day that i am finding out who i am since i quit at work. is good to know i`m not alone. i always love your style.

  2. i’ve always been attracted to aqua bath towels. 🙂 you are FUNNY.tell ya what, being a SAHM is teaching me a lot about myself. like how impatient i am, what a stinkin perfectionist i am in one area and a total lazy bum in another…

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