Sister Stuff

        Since my sis Sherry is not comfortable airing all her dirty laundry to the whole world, I will happily do it for her!  Don’t panic Sherry; I don’t get that many hits on here per week.   This weekend she brought her family out here to hang out with me and mine.  Nothing is quite like a sister, you don’t have explain yourself, and they just understand you and your weirdness.  I should have a sentimental picture of us cheek to cheek here, but I don’t.  This was a camera-less weekend.


            The boys, (er husbands) graciously took the kids for Saturday afternoon, so we could do something we rarely do together.  Shop.  At Pottery Barn we found the most adorable ceramic coffee pots.  We ooded and aaahhed. But we really didn’t need them. BUT, we discovered that neither of us had bought the other a birthday gift this year.  So we bought them for each other.  And so in my personal budget the coffee pot will go under the General Ledger as Gifts not Unnecessary & Unpractical Decorations.  Yea!


            Later that evening we filled two Fix n Mix bowls with warm water and soaked our feet.  We did foot soak, foot scrub, foot mask, foot cream, the whole works.  The next night we could figure out why the popcorn had a slight perfume taste.  No No No.  Oh yes, it was seasoned with Footloose and Fancy Foot Fizz with Chamomile and Lavender extracts. 


            So, it was a great weekend for me.  You may want to keep Gene & Freddie in your prayers, it’s not easy being married to a “Mullet Brat”.  But we dutifully remind them, that they were not forced to choose us, and deep down they must admit that they like us.   And we have given them some cute children.  Speaking of children, I could do a whole post on Freddies’ children, but I’ll save it for another time. 


            Well, gotta run now.  Enjoy your week!  And give your sister a hug, there’s no other relationship like it.

10 thoughts on “Sister Stuff

  1. sounds like loads of fun!!!!!!!!!!!i can not wait to go home next week and see everyone again!!!!!no and people do not understand how much a sis means until you move away from each other!!!!!????make any sence????i just had to laugh when i read this,i can just see you guys shopping and giggling having a blast!!!!have a good rest of the week!!!!–annie

  2. heey! that was a tender AND funny post! makes me miss my sisters, espec the one far away. way to make me laugh and cry at the same time… 🙂 figuritively speaking. (spelling for the big word there!!)

  3. The best part was buying birthday gifts for each other, so you can get what you want.  Sounds just like something my sister and I would do.  I wish she would be close enough to hug.

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