Elena Quotes

  “Where’s Bill?”  This morning after she woke up and didn’t see her grandfather like the last several mornings.

   “Let’s go on the jumpaline.”  The trampoline, her favorite pastime.

  “Mom you have to cry like this, Waaaaagh, Waagh, you want to mom?”  She loves when I fake cry.

  “Jesus is not helping”  When I told her Jesus could help her not to be scared at night.

  “Making a mess”  When I asked her what she was doing this morning while I was in the garden picking beans.


 Now, just in case everyone is breathlessly wondering what I got Gene for his Birthday:

I played it safe. And got him a gift card. To Circuit City. Where he can choose a toy. He said he’ll probably go with the Ipod. To save our Cd’s. They are always getting scratched. We don’t know why. I say it’s the drywall dust. He says not. I say what then? He says nothing. Short sentences are fun. Well, that was just a tiny update. I have to go. Tomorrow we are going to Ohio. For a week.


8 thoughts on “Elena Quotes

  1. Like always, your post made me laugh. Those quotes are SO cute! And wow, you are so domestic, picking beans and all. Good birthday gift choice. My husband could spend all night wandering around in a place like that, and many times he comes out with various unneeded items that called out to him. Well, I guess you’re probably in Ohio by now.

  2. so you would rather go to circuit city with your hubby than a concert? 🙂 i’m sure he loved it. so is elena happy to see bill again? kills me! have fun.

  3. Where’s Bill?! That is too good. who was going around calling him bill in front of her anyway? don’t forget to see jennys baby while your out there… as if!

  4. hey thanks for the invite……..but i already have a place…..to stay…..so…..maybe some other time……..their’s only gonna be like fourteen of us comin out….!

  5. Joel is Dana’s cousin and when they went into PA as little kids he always ran around with him. They look like they could be brothers…

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