Yikes! July 5th…

Thursday is Gene’s Birthday.  Usually men complain about not knowing what to buy their wives for their birthday, but this time it’s the women. I have no idea.  Actually I have plenty of ideas, but nothing that grabs me and says “Pick me, pick me”.

Clothes mean nothing to him.  I mean nothing.  I wish they would mean more to him, and that he would develop his own sense of style and likes and dislikes instead of clothes that say, “Hey my wife found this for 50% off at Sears.”  I buy him clothes anyway, so that’s an automatic no.

I thought of getting tickets to a Casting Crowns concert, because he really likes Casting Crowns.  But that seems like I’m cheating, because I really like them too, and it would be like a little present to myself.  So I put that idea hold.

For Valentines day I had this dilemma too, so I decided to be all frugal and gave him a book of hand made coupons with little acts of service on them.  Like:  “I will sweep and clean your work truck until it shines.”.  He has never redeemed a single coupon yet.  I think the bottom line is he pities me to badly to make me do the stuff I said I would do.

What does he want?  These are the items he’s mentioned when we talked about birthday gifts.  “You can buy me a tractor.”  (Loud Laughter)   “I need a welder” (Ok I have no idea how I would pick out a welder for him, and what’s a welder anyway?)  “When you need to buy me a birthday gift, get me a milker.  In September I’m going to need it.” (Oh, that should be fun, the birthday gift dreams are made of, and, like the above, how in the hairy to I pick out a milker?  Where do you go to buy one?  Should I install a small parlor too?)

So I’m taking all suggestions.  What should I buy for Gene? He loves farming, loves people, loves traveling, enjoys an occasional golf game, he’s not a reader, he’s fashion illiterate, and a hard worker, and really deserves a good gift because he’s a really great guy.

6 thoughts on “Yikes! July 5th…

  1. a milker- heh, that was fun. 🙂
    i`ll ask galen when he gets home. i`m sure he can come up with a cool gift for gene. maybe a copy of that old video where they have the big fight over the lovely  little damsel…

  2. Oh, this is quite the question.  Brent always gives me those “great” suggestions also.  How about scheduling a tee time for him & going along with him.  If you enjoy golfing, then golf (and just close your eyes when you’re paying the bill), or just drive the cart for him.  It can be some great quality time spent together! Okay, no more ideas from me.  My mind is too stretched already. 🙂

  3. made me laugh out loud. i share your dilemma…brent’s bday is on saturday and i have not a clue what to buy. his only suggestion was a fridge. yeah right. men. they are odd.

  4. Oh, I feel your pain.  Sometimes I think I really got a prize and then there’s a quiet, “Thanks, that’s nice,” response.  And other times I  randomly hit on this little something that is the best thing in the world. ????  So all I’ll say, is that I wish you the best of luck and ideas and if you have really good brainstorms, I’ll copy. =)

  5. You could buy him a little MP3 player with little earbuds–my dad loves using his when he’s working in the fields & in the barn. Or you could buy one lesson with a golf pro or a certificate for 18 holes or tickets to some kind of pro baseball/basketball game if he likes sports. Last year I got Dave a coffeemaker for his bday–sounds weird but it grinds fresh beans and he thought it was great. Of course he’s a real coffee drinker and we just had a dinky little coffee maker before. Yep, I’m fresh outta ideas, too.

  6. ha ha. jon’s b-day is this month too and i want to get him something that he really wants but… i don’t have the money or the knowledge and most of it he wants to pick out himself. like the milker. :)i say, go for the tickets. he does need a break, it would be a real spirit-picker-upper, AND you could go along and maybe buy him a birthday supper on the way!

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