I love New Years.  It’s turning into my favorite holiday. Because you can start all over with a clean slate. No more guilt over all the things I messed up in 2006.  I have this bad habit of making all these NY resolutions that I can no way keep.  Then I get all down cause I didn’t keep them.  Last year one of my resolutions was to not buy any clothes for myself for an entire year. Now just who was I kidding?  Am proud to say that I lasted about three months and then messed up. (I didn’t think shoes were clothes, but Gene thought otherwise)  Anyway, long story short, I am now in my glory making resolutions like crazy that I  won’t keep. So fun. What’s weird is I am actually sincere about them, and also unrealistic.

Here’s a couple:

Keep my house in such order that I don’t have to be embarrassed when somebody “just drops in” (actually that’s been a resolution for the last 3 years and I’ve never accomplished it. I usually change it to don’t apologize for how your house looks when somebody “just drops in” because I hate when people do that, and it’s much easier than actually cleaning)


DO something about Darfur.

Okay, like they say (I forget who) Dream Venti. Good year to you all. (By the way another of my resolutions is to post every week)……………….. HA!

8 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. i love resolutions too. i think i’m leaning more toward heart changes than action changes. yup, every year i say i’m gonna do that and do this but maybe i should aspire to BE this and BE that. how’s life with two kids for ya? maybe i should just call ya!

  2. That’s cool about not apologizing when people drop in. I am really trying to do that (cause you know everybody comes when it looks the worst) but I have to bite my tongue pretty hard sometimes. Why is that? Are we just such proud yet incapable housewives? 🙂

  3. so far the only thing i’ve been able to come up with ( I think maybe i underestimate the power of this) but in wednesday night prayer meetings i request prayer for those needy people in Darfur… don’t know what else to do…. unless…………… we should take over the UN and demand that they stop fighting or we’re gonna put mega sanctions on Sudan…….(wups, bad idea, and extremely ineffective)

  4. hey Andrea, i’m late (like usual) and congratulations and happy new year! how’s the little ones? i like your resolutions, first one i thought was funny. the second one is good too, in a different way, and i really like the DO part, it brought me back to the reality that most of the world does not live life as i know it, prayer’s a good thing. but maybe there’s something more i could be doing.    

  5. I thought I set really high standards for myself…but not buying clothes for a year?  You go girl. =)  I’m with you on trying to keep from apologizing.  Crazy how hard it is, yet, it makes me feel better if I see someone else’s house in state that’s less than perfection.  Hope you don’t mind if I subscribe.  I love your posts.

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