Our new baby boy joined us on Thursday night last week.  He came fast and furious all, 8 Ibs of him.  We did make it to the hospital on time, but we had about 6 nurses running around like mad trying to get the delivery room ready.  Whew, glad that’s over, and we all lived to tell!

Brandt Born 001

He screamed the first 10 minutes of his life.  poor guy.


Brandt Born 002

Meet your new baby brother, Elena!


Brandt Born 012

Gene was trying to tell me he has my eyes. I’m like “huh? look at those little slits, I think maybe that’s Esh!”


Brandt Born 015

We’re working on the “be gentle” thing


Brandt Born 020

This morning I realized I really don’t have that many pictures of just Brandt.  Poor guy has been gyped.


That’s all for now folks, I think I will go crash into bed while I can.  My Mom came on Friday and has truly been a life saver.  When I grow up I want to be just like her!  Last night she slept with the baby so I got a full nights sleep which was ummm… (cant think of a word descriptive enough) delicious! AND Gene is like really good at getting Brandt settled when he’s crying, I’m not sure how he does it, but it sure works in my favor!

Okay, that’s our life right now, slowly grinding to a standstill.  You all have fun with the Holiday shopping/banquets/caroling/baking/decorating. Most likely our evening will be a bit boring from now on so stop in and see us!


15 thoughts on “Brandt Daniel Esh, December 7, 2006

  1. probe_rider says:

    congratulations! he’s a cutie

  2. Hey Andrea and all, Congratulations Big little baby there! Wow, he has a twin. I just got a new nephew on Thursday night around 8ish, all 10 lbs,9 oz, born to Daryl’s brother and wife, who live in the GAP area. In case the boys meet someday, his name is Alex. Have fun

  3. cute little fellow….glad everything went fast and turned out healthy !!!!!what a BLESSING .H.A.G.D.).annie

  4. PaDast says:

    He’s cute with those chunk cheeks of his!  Now to only greet him in person …  So excited for Tal & Brandt.  Happy times ahead.  ((giggle)) -m

  5. chuckschic says:

    Congrats!!!! he’s a little cutie!!!!  hope you can continue to get you’re sleep too! =)

  6. baileyandme says:

    oh how sweet! i am so impressed you have the whole 9 yards up on here already. i especially love that second picture. it could not be cuter…

  7. baileyandme says:

    ps, was gene there??

  8. charity82 says:

    Wow! So glad everything went okay for you! Hope my next one comes that fast! My keen sense of discernment tells me he looks like a Mullet. Last night I heard his first name was Daniel and my grandma told me with a puzzled look on her face that the second name is Brent with a “d.” So I was thinking Daniel Brend? 🙂 Hope you have a really good week!

  9. Congratulations! What a cutie.

  10. etisagnax says:

    wow.  congrats on your new little life in your house.  and it must be nice in some ways to have a slowed down christmas.  hope you can rest and be refreshed!

  11. ani, he is such a cutie!! i could just kiss him up. and you don’t look too bad for being sick and giving birth all at once. rest up and enjoy those evenings at home with your little fam!

  12. shoei says:

    so sweet!!  Congratulations.

  13. dilafi says:

    he is soooooooooooooooo cute.

  14. MaeIBeSunny says:

    CONGRATULATIONS. I didn’t know about his arrival till now. It’s good thing I have xanga.

  15. twofus_1 says:

    Awwww!  He is darling!!!!!!!!!!!  There’s something so precious about a newborn, and something very kissable about his cheeks!

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