a little update

   Let’sseeificanquicktypethisoutbeforeshewakesup. She started sleeping till 9:00 o’clock again, oh blessed relief.

  Today my plans are: taking cookies to my neighbors. catching up on all the bookwork. finally fixing that outdoor fall decoration i created several weeks ago that elena keeps destroying. (note of advice: never include an old tricycle in a fall decoration if you have a 2 yr old) Go to Rockvale had to cross that one out because Gene the mean machine had to take my van to work. So that’s my day.

Oh yes, can’t forget that tonight we are going to see Ruth.  (Sight n Sound -not Glen Miller’s Ruth) We even got $20.00 off our tickets. yippee.

(just fielded a call from Katie Petersheim who wondered if we have wood shavings for sale. she thought she called Ken’s Gardens. i told her sorry this is the esh residence we don’t deal in wood shavings. now if she would have wanted silage/haw/straw that’s another story)

wanna know what’s cool? only about 7 more weeks lugging around this large stomach of mine. AND a lot of those weekends are full already. next weekend marj & bonita come out here and hang w/ beth & me. we will re-establish the old ties that bind.

 A little note about the book i’m reading. Once in a while I pick up a book and read it. and force myself to finish it, because it is so not my stripe,type or pick. this is one of those. it’s a baseball book, and I know next to nothing about baseball. I was in high school when I learned what an RBI was, and that was pretty major for me. what’s depressing is I am not through the first night yet and I have two more to go. Every pitch is analyzed, every swing recounted oh my word it’s torture. I can’t figure out why I am reading this book and the only possible explination is that my subconscious mind is rebelling about being a stay-at-home mom, and this is how I’m acting out. By learning about baseball.

Thanks for not thinking i’m a loser. Got to post a picture. this is at arby’s.

July - Aug 2006 045

see ya later



10 thoughts on “a little update

  1. your picture of your daughter made me laugh out loud.  funny stuff.  and i think you said it right–sometimes i read a book just to learn something about a topic i’m totally ignorant on.  i am also a big fan of finishing a book, even if i hate it.  i can hardly stand to leave a book unfinished.  but i HAVE found that sometimes that random information i learn from books comes in handy for making connections with people i have little in common with.  hmmm…  maybe i need to read more books these days. 

  2. Your last two posts really brightened my evening! (For some reason I didn’t get the second to last update.) Loved the multiple choices! I guessed most of them right. Yeah, why do men think some funny things are not funny? I can relate. And I can’t believe you have only seven more weeks to go…we should be out there helping you go over the baby name books I think. Are you having a Dwight? WHY are you reading that book about baseball? That was the real clincher for me.

  3. The baseball book cracked me up.  Great picture of Elena too.  I just love that little girl.   Missed you on Wed. night when we couldn’t make it to Bible study.  Hope to catch up a little this weekend (??) or is this the weekend you have company. 

  4. like always, you are funny and you make me laugh– like crazy. there is only one andrea and it` s a shame. =)
    and here i was thinking the whole time you meant glenn miller ruth…

  5. I know what ya mean about finishing books. For me it’s usually these great spiritual books that make me feel like a shallow person if I can’t read em. Like that Sacred Romance. (I actually quit after a chapter or two. Shh!! Don’t tell.)That picture is a classic, btw.

  6. at least you felt  a little guilty… that comforts me. sure would be fun to hang with you guys again! miss it! i do.  you are having a baby one day here right? let us know when.

  7. Hey, yes, you’re right.  You don’t know me.  I linked you from Anna’s site and sat here laughing as I read your posts.  Just thought I’d tell you I think you’re a great writer!

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