It’s Sunday

    Yee-ha. I gave up taking Sunday afternoon naps because I can never sleep at night then.  Gene is reading the Lancaster Farming, Elena is sleeping, and I am picking out a baby name.  I would show you the baby book that I’m reading, but xanga’s database is too puny to show it.  Anyway, it’s been a relaxing and good day so far, hopefully this evening I can work on a writing assignment that I’ve procrastinated for several months now.  A little multiple choice about MY:

1.  a. week  b. liver condition  c. pet dog

2.  It was seriously: 
a. a fuzzy fluff ball  b. stressful  c. rainy

3.  Because:
a.Elena was sick and vomiting for 3 days straight.  b.I forgot to static-guard his fur.  c.The Meteorologist was wrong again.

4.  But now:
a. The pigs are on the loose.  b. my belly resembles a pizza warehouse.  c. She is better now so I am happy PTL! d. all of the above.

5.  To sum it up:
a. Life is grand  b. God never promised an easy life, but He gives grace you know.  c. Swiss chocolate has been a real friend.

Here are the answers: a b a d b

Ok that was lame, but making up multiple choice quizzes always takes me back to the good old days. I sit and shake with peels of laughter.  Don’t feel bad if you don’t get it, because Gene just got done reading it and thought it was pretty lame. I like lame.

 And pairachopstix, I didn’t forget to put the phrase “pizza warehouse” in it. 

 A little explanation about the pigs on the loose.  Gene got some for the fall festival and they are forever getting out of their pens and running around the place.  I told him we have a third world country going on here.

Till next time – Andrea

8 thoughts on “It’s Sunday

  1. tell gene lame is the new cool. plus, cool people dont have as much fun as lame ones. id way rather be called lame than cool. anywho– im a BIG FAN! another great classic andrea post. i laughed good and it made me want to jaw with ya.
    cant wait hear which exotic name you choose…ivanka… stephanopholis… gingerella…all very pretty.

  2. good post, Andrea!  i sit here giggling…  i even got the multiple choices right!  if you have any spare, cool (not lame) boys’ names, send them over. -m 

  3. I took the machine to get hinkled.  Still laughing. –m
    (excuse me, but I had to let you know even though it’s our 3rd comment!!  Puhlease)

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