Yee-ha. I gave up taking Sunday afternoon naps because I can never sleep at night then.  Gene is reading the Lancaster Farming, Elena is sleeping, and I am picking out a baby name.  I would show you the baby book that I’m reading, but xanga’s database is too puny to show it.  Anyway, it’s been a relaxing and good day so far, hopefully this evening I can work on a writing assignment that I’ve procrastinated for several months now.  A little multiple choice about MY:

1.  a. week  b. liver condition  c. pet dog

2.  It was seriously: 
a. a fuzzy fluff ball  b. stressful  c. rainy

3.  Because:
a.Elena was sick and vomiting for 3 days straight.  b.I forgot to static-guard his fur.  c.The Meteorologist was wrong again.

4.  But now:
a. The pigs are on the loose.  b. my belly resembles a pizza warehouse.  c. She is better now so I am happy PTL! d. all of the above.

5.  To sum it up:
a. Life is grand  b. God never promised an easy life, but He gives grace you know.  c. Swiss chocolate has been a real friend.

Here are the answers: a b a d b

Ok that was lame, but making up multiple choice quizzes always takes me back to the good old days. I sit and shake with peels of laughter.  Don’t feel bad if you don’t get it, because Gene just got done reading it and thought it was pretty lame. I like lame.

 And pairachopstix, I didn’t forget to put the phrase “pizza warehouse” in it. 

 A little explanation about the pigs on the loose.  Gene got some for the fall festival and they are forever getting out of their pens and running around the place.  I told him we have a third world country going on here.

Till next time – Andrea

8 thoughts on “It’s Sunday

  1. baileyandme says:

    tell gene lame is the new cool. plus, cool people dont have as much fun as lame ones. id way rather be called lame than cool. anywho– im a BIG FAN! another great classic andrea post. i laughed good and it made me want to jaw with ya.
    cant wait hear which exotic name you choose…ivanka… stephanopholis… gingerella…all very pretty.

  2. baileyandme says:

    3 points for creative, right?

    ps. sorry both *2 new comments* are from me…

  3. PaDast says:

    good post, Andrea!  i sit here giggling…  i even got the multiple choices right!  if you have any spare, cool (not lame) boys’ names, send them over. -m 

  4. ConradKeim says:

    you are for real hilarious, not lame, i’m sitting here shaking with fits of laughter

  5. i’m sitting here, stressed, and even i thought it was funny. and you think YOU look like a pizza warehouse!??pray for me. i am being induced friday morning at 6:00 am.

  6. PaDast says:

    you got me laughing.  umm… ya better go get your daughter out of trouble, wherever she is – just kiddin’! -pete

  7. PaDast says:

    I took the machine to get hinkled.  Still laughing. –m
    (excuse me, but I had to let you know even though it’s our 3rd comment!!  Puhlease)

  8. dilafi says:

    o my word. so so so funny.. third world country. do you really come up with this stuff on your won…

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