Summer’s in full swing. Here’s what we’ve been doing:

Lots of Farming. Don’t worry. Don’t call the Child Protection Agency. It was just for the picture.

Lot’s of different Picnics with different people.

Like the Glenn Miller Family… This is the same evening Gene so willingly trimmed Pd’s Trees. below



Two Weekends ago we were at the mountains with our good friends: Pictures of that follow:

Lots of time was spent lounging. Looks like Soren has the floor here. We also spent sometime shooting each other. below

We ate a lot too, but I don’t have pictures of that.

Another hi-light was sitting on the couch being gushy with your husband, hoping some other mom or dad was taking care of your child.


 let’s see, last weekend we were in Oh for a Mullet reunion, Brent & Dawn’s wedding, and for Gene to Drywall a House:

Here I am in all my glory with my sister. Yes I know I look mentally challenged.

Elena had fun with all of Grandma’s toys, but she was confused because she couldn’t figure out where Grandma & Grandpa were. 

That’s all the pictures for now folks. If they were too boring you can just subsitute my xanga site for you prescription sleeping pills.  We are back home until next weekend, when we take our next jaunt to Columbus for Jon & Jessica’s wedding.

Gonna go make supper now. I’m on a veggie kick. It’s gonna be Red Beets and Salad tonight. Don’t worry, last week I was on a Fried Food’s kick, it was fish sticks and egg rolls every night.

TaTa Andrea

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  1. yeah, what is the deal? are we destined never to hang out or what? do we have bad carma together or something? i just have to say the caption with the pic of sherri and you made me shout with laughter. good stuff. thanks for the mountain pics too, that was great. EVERYTIME i think of how we could have been there and didnt it makes me sick, sick. also, elena is a doll baby, make another one just like her.
    chanitcleer is SO a galen thing but i dont love all their cds, just certain ones. i love that renissance sp? sound they can do. (and of course, i was told that was the proper “title” for that style of music).
    anyways, love and miss you guys!

  2. Loved reading your site!! Amazing how little we bump into each other when we live not too far away (ok – so maybe it’s not that amazing)!!! Can relate to your food kicks – right now I am out of ideas though so I can’t even think of anything to make! Hope you have a great week – Mj

  3. I bet people doubt your sanity with the baggie thing, but it’s the funniest thing!  I haven’t had success with our doors because I need stronger tape.  Otherwise, the bags fall down and the dogs chew them up.

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