Time to update. See I had made a little deal with myself that I would’nt update unless everything around here was cought-up.  Well it took like two months, and I’m still breaking the deal. AND when you are out of the up-dating mode, it’s hard to get back into it.  One day I’ll fill a post with thought provocing and deep thoughts for you all to ponder. But not now.  I gonna slam some pictures on here and call it done.  Yes, I know just more of the child, who by the way is a lot of fun right now.  Enough bragging. She’s really naughty a lot of the time too. 



fIRST ICECREAM CONE. (It was a hit)






with maria


FIRST PET (Kitten named Emma – this is DEFINETELY a homerun)


FIRST TIME AT DUTCH WONDERLAND what a ya know… another hit..

 good times with the millers…


And Lastly… not a first.. more like a daily event.. ( it’s called lets see how dirty we can get)

over and out to you all what do you know I pounded out this thing in like not very long.  Next time – I promise – will be more substancial..

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  1. good to have Xanga to keep up to date wih you guys! specially like the significance of the pretzel, you know, “all up in a twist ’bout…”-Pete

  2. no, i really don’t think you understand.  i’m totally an experimentalist when it comes to gardening.  i had VERY basic training from my mom and now, for the first time in my life, i’m really excited about growing plants for some reason and it just makes me happy.  thanks for the complement though.  maybe it’s just the soil 🙂

  3. sounds like you have it in for maytag.  although i have heard alot about those being lemons.  but this was a fridgeaire brand. and i was made to realize how much easier life is with a washer in the house that works, i had to go to the laundry mat for a week and a half and that really sucks.    anyway stop in again, beth’s almost always here and tianna would love to play with lana again.    love, jo

  4. Yeah, life can be pretty interesting here- if you are ever bored- come see us! So fun seeing your pics of your little girl and pretty neat that she can grow up on a farm. I had lots of great memories on that farm. Trina

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