Hmmm. What facts of life does everyone want to know now?

1.  My pepper plant is dying.

2. We adopted an orphaned kitten last week. It died too.

3. Tonight were gonna mulch.  Gene got the urge. (Elmina, it’s your fault!)

4.  Elena dumped spaghetti all over the floor. Twice.

5. Spy ware is going to drive me to an early death.

6. The first picture of Brad & Angelina’s baby is worth 5 million.

7. I hope I win the $5000.00 shopping spree at Target.

8. I’m thinking of my parents a lot who are in Cambodia now.

9. I’m craving: refried beans, mashed potatoes, creamed eggs &     tomato soup. Yes, Beth stopped by the other week and I was eating a bowl of refried beans, how embarrassing.

10. It took me all day today to clean my house. aaauuughh!!!

11. Elena took a long nap though, Cheers!

12. I discovered (once I admitted it to myself) a hidden love for chick lit. Call it candy for the soul. Not real nourishing, but oh so fun.

Now that you are thoroughly bored with my life, tell me something about yours. Over and out, and a good weekend to you all.

4 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. was cool to hear all about “news from gene” from galen last night. im not sure if i can publicly congratulate you but #9 seems to say that i can. so anyways, a big huge happy congrats!
    would be great to get to sit and talk, er gossip, er i mean share, with you guys tonight. we are just sitting around and doing what not. hope all is well in the sunny state of PA. miss it!
    liked your post- they should just make brangelina`s kid a king or something beings it is like not even a real person it`s so sacred. feirce weird. i must say it would be a real titter if it came out really ugly or something.

  2. Fact #4675: Babies grow up to like the foods that their mothers craved when they were pregnant with them.Example: Marilyn loved mashed potatoes and fruit punch when pregnant with her first child. Now that child loves those foods too. Neat, huh? I’m glad to know there is someone else out there not snacking on artichokes and pistachios. I’ve been eating a ton of junk lately. Smack me. Refried beans are looking healthier and healthier!

  3. Once again, great post!  Sorry about all the extra work.  Guess I should come help you sometime since you helped us.  Don’t know how much we’d get done tho with our little chillens.  You should post the “roasht” story.   HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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