Farming, Da Vinci Code &Strawberry Shortcake

 Right now Gene is hauling hay as fast as he can to beat the rain. How is this for stress? He asked me what my feminine intuition is, if it’s going to rain today or not. I told him no it’s not. Then I prayed that my intuition was right.  So men, if you need to make a wise business decision just ask your wife. Oh the things they know that you can only wish you knew.

I have heard so many sermons on the da vinci code. I am really like getting tired of them too. The panicking conservative Christians are starting to annoy me. Note: the panicking annoys me, not the consevative Christians. Do they honestly think that the flock will all leave the faith over a book and a movie? Don’t they think we have enough brains to figure out Dan Brown’s errors ourselves without their help? I’m starting to get insulted.

Ok I realize that might hold more weight
if Strawberry Shortcake wasnt plastered
all over my site. But I made Stawberry
Shortcake for supper last night so it fit
my mood. AND I had a Stawberry Shortcake
bedroom when I was a girl, so aaaa the
Ok these ramblings will end now. 
To all a good night.

Hope that dosent freak you out too bad. Those are my babies.

I added it so the writing wouldnt cover up stawberry shortcake making it hard to read.  I now have a site that I hate, because its hard to read. hate it.will change soon

2 thoughts on “Farming, Da Vinci Code &Strawberry Shortcake

  1. I hope your intuition calls for sunshine this whole week!!!! I had a little Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox for school that I just adored when I was little. And Jessica Wengerd had a Strawberry Shortcake themed room that I thought was so cool. By the way, Elana looks so Mulletish on the picture. Very cute (Elana, not so much Gene) 🙂

  2. Well, your girlie is a dollie, I haven’t heard a “sermon” for a long time and I might be pretty glad about that (anti-anything sermons give me the runs), cheers to Strawberry Shortcake and the comeback she is making! I’m tickled that my girls will be able to enjoy her too. Where is the tacky background?

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