One of my dreams has come true and I cant even enjoy it! What a doorknob I am. What dreams, what dreams, I know you’re all on the edge of your seats.


My mom came out to PA spur of the moment, and spent yesterday with me. And I sent Elena to Ohio with her for a couple days. We’ll go pick her up this weekend. Man I was sooo pumped about a couple days with out her. Now, the house seems so quiet. I wonder what she’s doing. Is she having fun… Is she throwing fits…I was so curious I didnt even last 6 hours I had to call mom and find out. Wonder of all wonders I got all teary eyed when I heard her blabbering in the background. Yup, this mommy is already ready to see her biting, fighting, slapping, eating, giggly bundle of joy. after one day being apart. Do you think I should get a psychological exam?

Ode to Elena


In the tulips this spring

In her Easter Finery. ( fyi – the dress fell apart after one washing – no I’m not the worlds best seamstress )

By folks

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  1. Honestly Ani, she is just beautiful! I know I miss my kids too when we are separated but ENJOY YOUR WEEK!! I’m quite jealous of your freedom. It’s 7:42 AM and I have given 2 spankings already, changed one poop and was just informed that the baby has another one. Anyway… HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!

  2. don’t worry bout him,,, we gots lotsa gas pills for heem…. hee, hee, jus kidding…… he’ll be fine i’m sure, don’t worry…….. cuz it won’t help,,,,, but do lotsa prayin cuz dat will help lots

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