I need:

1. one anesthesiologist

2. sturdy rope

3. barbed wire

4. bowl of oatmeal

Gene is really sick and I think that’s what I need to strap him in bed and prevent escape. the guy is insane and keeps on working. comes home doped, sick, tired. falls asleep on couch at 6:30 pm. the next day repeats the above.

Last thought of the day: You know you’ve been married too long when you see the price of roses on valentines day and think: “oh boy, i hope he dosen’t buy me any”.  that wasn’t original with me, thanks for the laugh, letshavechai.

well we’re off for a weekend of skiing. actually not skiing for me, but lots of vegging and reading. in NY. with my “sisty ugler” . And various other family members.

Until the Bells Ring,


(no, i don’t know what “until the  bells ring” means, but I thought it sounded noble)


4 thoughts on “

  1. “until the bells ring” def sounds very sofisticated. what does it mean? i want to know.
    i giggled over your post, i am a big fan, yes i am. #1-4 were great. wow, genetheworkaholic.
    paragraph 3 about the roses gets a huge amen from me! if he spends $50 on roses i would rather take it shopping and gets some free smooches… hey, sometime at the seclusion of say, applebees we`ll have to tell you guys what galen got me for vdays this year… corny and horny.

  2. Sounds like another frustrated wife.  PD’s sick 2 & drives me crazy.  Why don’t they just take time to BE sick & get it done with?  Oh well, I giggled anyway. – m

  3. You crack me up. What is with the oatmeal anyway? I guess I have been married a long time. Every time Jon brings me flowers I pounce on him to tell me the price and am so relieved when he tells me that he only paid $1 for my roses. šŸ™‚ Until my babe whines…

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