Little Ramblings

– i read a book yesterday, and while I was reading it I thought “boy they should make this book a movie” then I thought “who would be the main charactor?” thought and thought and thought. then in a flash of brilliance “Kate Hudson is the only person that could make this charactor likeable”.  Last night as I’m surfing (doing research on the author) I discover that a movie script is being written for the book…and it will star…Kate Hudson. so proud of myself. I jumped in bed to tell gene the good news, that i am possibly psychotic or really really smart, but he was not so impressed.

Taxes did not, I repeat DID NOT kick my butt this year. Came pretty close though. Futa, Suta, Bluta done there did that.

I hate when I procrastinate. Bad Bad Habbit.  Yesterday I went to Red Lobster w/ my mommy friends (rth shnnn mrln) and I knew I had to go shopping Wal Mart, but I just wasnt in the mood. I wanted to go home. So I went home. Now I am suffering the consequences. No Wetwipes. Trying to figure out how to stretch that last diaper until this evening when Gene can go along.

Should go bake cookies. Told Bethany Kay help to come help me. Yup it’s cool when your old friends move to the area. Should clean house. Heeeey maybe Beth can come clean it right? Should go shopping. Heeey maybe Beth can babysit right? Life is looking up!

Xanga is way cooler if you don’t look at it for a couple weeks, then everybody is updated and you can read post after post after post….

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