5 Weird things..

A word about Rapunzel: How can you not love a book that when the prince says “throw down your hair” she misunderstands and throws down underwear. very intriguing, but I test read it on some of my neices and nephews and they werent as impressed as I was.  On to the 5 weird things…






1. I am Beachy and can’t sew my own clothes.


2. My house gets really messy at times.


3. Spring is my favorite season, but I hate gardening.


4.  I am really good at roasting marshmallows.


5.  I’ve lived in PA 4 years, but am still a loyal tribe fan








Boy o boy how embarrassing to admit all those crazy things. They are mostly true, But…


Their not really weird. Whose house dosent get messy sometimes? Did I fool you? Here’s the real list. I’m not offended if you don’t feel like reading it. Really. Just click on the red x in the upper right hand corner of your screen.


1.  I have two reoccuring dreams. one is i’m holding my hands cupped to my mouth as my teeth fall out, soon my hands are brimming full of teeth. It’s such a sick feeling. two is it’s a week until my High School Graduation and I have twelve weeks of work to do. I work like crazy and stress out. and then I wake up and never even find out if I got my work done in time.


2.  I think about death a lot. About Gene dying and what I’ll do, or Elena dying… I plan their/my funeral….. I lay weeping in bed while Gene is blissfully sleeping. Here’s our converstation the next day. Me ” I thought about what your gonna do if I die, or what you’ll do if I die” Gene: “Did you cry again” Me: Sniffle..”yes” Gene: “Aaauugh, you have to stop it.” Does anyone else pick out a future wife for your husband in case of your death?


3. In school I was told that you can think like 1000 times faster than you can talk.  That’s why our mind tends to wonder when you are listening to a speaker.  Now when ever I’m in church I feel like I have to multi-task (ie look up scripture, read the mail) so my mind does not wonder.


4.   The Sound of Music is still my favorite movie. Can you get more cheesy? Probably not.


5.  When ever I’m in a mixed group and the men & ladies are seperate I try to eavesdrop on the men’s conversation.


6.   A friend & I used to have code names for all the guys at school. (Rainbow, Red etc etc)  That way we could talk and write about the guys with out anyone knowing who we were writing about.  The weird thing is, I can still remember all the code names and who they were. I know it’s not really weird, it’s just an extra tidbit of info.free.


Now that I risked telling you too much information, I hereby tag Carissa Yoder.

5 thoughts on “5 Weird things..

  1. hahahaha. you are so clever. you almost got me w/ that first list thingy Sometimes, when I’m cleaning a house, I do that same thing–#2, except I usually visualize Daryl’s death, and the burial, and what I’d have to do after…get rid of the apartment, etc. etc. I get myself all choked up, but thankfully I don’t quite cry. And I never told Daryl that I think that. yet. Too much imagination. not enough to think about.

  2. you know the best thing about these info-test-thingys i have realized over and over is… people are alot the same. i could identify with soo many of them. espec #s 1,2 and 6!!!!!!!! and whew! baby! i had a good laugh.
    loved the “fake” ones. i thought when i read them “hmm, andrea sure has simmered down” so yeah, i was delighted to see that those were “fake” and that there were some “real” ones.
    i always love to see when you you write. funny stuff.

  3. Good job Andrea – I was not disappointed – Funny, but i’m always evesdropping on the guys conversations too – they’re by far more interesting than ours – even football – about the only boring subject is whether or not it would be profitable to buy a skid loader, but we got that one out of the way now, so on to better topics.

  4. hey Annie, you got me. i read your fake list and wondered what had gotten into you. Then…i scrolled down, and i got great enjoyment out of reading the real thing 🙂  

  5. Great post, Andrea- Hey, why don’t we all just join the guys’ conversation next time, cuz I agree that their conversations are way more interesting.  I usually try to eavesdrop, but my hearing isn’t the best so unless we’re in the same room, I forget about it. 

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