Adoption Day

Jena’s adoption day. She was ours from the start, but this day it became official.

My Girls

Big Bro

Us Three

On the stand

The Judge, the family, and the grandmas

Awkward Family Photo

Baby and me

I love these pictures. They make me all warm and fuzzy inside.  The were all taken by Di Images.  She had truly awful
lighting (inside)and horrible temperatures (outside) to work with. A photographers nightmare I’m sure.  But they are perfect, they capture
a very special day in the life of our family!

Until next time peeps!

23 thoughts on “Adoption Day

  1. I am glad that you “found” a little time to blog today! My fav picture is the one of you and Gene with your new baby girl.  I so admire people who choose adoption!Happy Thursday to you! 

  2. Oh goodness, but I LOVE these pictures.How special that you have some of this day, and such good ones too.This just melts me.How beautiful, just so beautiful. You, the kids, your family, Jenna, everything.And I always love when you post, so please – do return soon! 🙂

  3. i didn’t realize the adoption was finalized. i am assuming that means that everything went smoothly? i love the pictures of your family. and i miss you here. i hope you make time to blog more often 🙂

  4. how exciting!  Love the photos.  I remember a similar day when my nephews were adopted just a few years ago and it is such a special day for sure!  congrats to you!Random note, I haven’t seen too many photos of all of you standing but I think the thing that stood out to me is I don’t know how tall your husband is but he looks really tall 😉

  5. gaww! that first picture. oh my word. so sweet!! reading about jena always makes me get teary eyed.. i think i’m just struck with how loved she is!how maybe her life might have been so different were it not for very much adoption reminds me of what God has done with us!!! beautiful. 

  6. Andrea, congratulations! What a lovely way to remember the day–I’m so glad for you that you have these beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.How is Jena doing by now?

  7. Um, totally cute.  I love it. I just ADORE the one with the family and the judge. It’s so official and poignant.  Gives me tingles. I was just wondering how you were doing, and popped over to see I’d missed a post.

  8. I am commenting on some old Xanaga posts (in case you weren’t able to tell.haha) The pictures are so pretty, and I think it is so cool that you hired a photographer for this event.I LOVE the one of the three girls.  They are all so cute, and I love their outifts, too.  And also the one of you and Gene and the baby–perfect!  I’m so happy for you.

  9. i never noticed this post. not sure why. but i do love it. i also wanted to post about it someday and i think i still might. it really does strike a chord with people. adoption. and never mind that you took time out of your whole life to do this. amazing thing.  i think people like it so much because it’s an absolute portrayal of what Christ does for us. i also noticed how everyone who commented liked a different photo and it spoke to each differently. that is so cool.

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