Adoption Day

Jena’s adoption day. She was ours from the start, but this day it became official.

My Girls

Big Bro

Us Three

On the stand

The Judge, the family, and the grandmas

Awkward Family Photo

Baby and me

I love these pictures. They make me all warm and fuzzy inside.  The were all taken by Di Images.  She had truly awful
lighting (inside)and horrible temperatures (outside) to work with. A photographers nightmare I’m sure.  But they are perfect, they capture
a very special day in the life of our family!

Until next time peeps!

One Month Ago

Exactly one month ago, I was having a busy day.  I was leaving for a trip to Florida with my
friends, the next day.  My mom had come
swooping to the rescue, and was staying a few days with the kids and Gene while
I went gallivanting away from the stove, preschoolers, and husband.

So of course, with the Florida trip on my mind, I went to get highlights put in
my hair. If you know your hair isn’t going to get bleachy streaks naturally
from the sun, you want streaks to be put in with chemicals right?

It took way long, I rushed home, it was bedtime, and I had yet to pack one item
for the trip ahead.

I ran into our house, and bounced into the kitchen where my mom and family all
stood with really goofy- looking, smiley expressions on their faces.

My first thought was “My hair doesn’t look as good as I thought it did. Drat.”
My second thought was ”WHAT in the world did they do while I was gone?”

I demanded, “What is going on here?!”

Gene said “Elena do you want to tell her?”
Elena shook her head.

Then Gene told me, that our agency called, and we had been matched.  And my heart leaped into my throat, and I
started crying.

So there were hugs and tears and smiles in our kitchen that night.

What does matched mean? It means that we had submitted our profile to a certain
mom, and she chose us.

There are so many mixed emotions that go with this adoption.  While we are thrilled, it is so hard to think
that one special mommy is going to have to go through so much pain, both
physical and mental in order that we parent this baby.   When I know that on the other end of the
spectrum somebody is going through a really hard time, it is hard to get
excited.  I wish I could wave a wand and
make everything all better.  (Will we parent the way you want us to? Of
course! Will we make mistakes? Never! No void in our child’s life, of course
But it’s not that simple, and I feel huge honor to be able to
raise a child in our home, doing our best, and trusting God for the rest.

The baby is due on September 8, and I love that the due date is still off in
the distance as it gives me time to can gallons of applesauce, deep clean, and
purge my house of unwanted junk.

And now, our bedtime prayers have grown to include the baby and birth mom, who
we have already met, and fell in love with.
We pray for safety and health for the baby, and we pray a blessing for
her mommy.  We are over-whelmed and
excited about the privilege to care, protect, and raise this baby.

Pray for us!