Sitting and Watching Bubbles Rise

That is what my days look like folks. I do a lot of bubble watching.
Yesterday, Jena turned seven weeks old.  We have been home from the hospital for two weeks now.  Try as I might to get to the computer and an update punched out, it simply has not happened.

My brain feels a little fizzy, and my reasoning skills have vanished.  When people ask me questions about Jena, I find myself saying things that I think are true, but upon further reflection, they are false.  At church I was asked when my mother left for Ohio, and I supplied a totally fictitious date. (Innocently though)

Every I think of what I need to do, and then I mentally cross out about half the list and focus on one or two things.  Must fold laundry.  Must wipe up spill on carpet.  If I get those two things done, along with the care and feeding of the “youngsters” I call it a good day. (Why don’t we say youngsters anymore? It has such a cool 40’s ring to it)

And its ok.  Life is truly good, and I am loving these days that I sit and hold my baby guilt-free.

So when Jena was discharged from the hospital, the doctor did something she only did once before, she released Jena with her NG tube.  We had a couple of whirlwind days at the hospital when they decided that it would be  safe to send her home this way, and that I was competent enough to re-stuff the tube down her nose in the event that she pulled it out.

I passed the test, and its good I had to learn because it turns out the Jena pulled it out every other day.  I now have had lots of practice threading it into her nose and down to her belly with her screaming and gagging the whole time.  Its about as fun as it sounds.

And now I think we are nearing the end of her use of it. The last two days she has finished all her feeds from her bottle.  I hold the bottle and will the bubbles to rise.  They used to float lazily to the surface, or or two at a time, until a whole hour had passed and it turns out she had only eaten about one ounce.  Now, seven weeks stronger, the bubbles rise, too many to count, all at one time. Success!

One last thing that I have been thinking about so much lately.  How is it, that we have been so surrounded by such supportive people?  The phrase “It takes a Village” has a new and significant meaning this year.  Adoption from beginning to end is reliant on so many different people, it truly took a village to bring our little girl home.

PEOPLE have blessed us so much!  Friends who brought burritos to the hospital, and just hung out with us.  Friends who delivered Books and Hershey kisses (My love language…books and chocolate for sure)   The neighbor who has helped me most days by doing laundry and washing my dishes.  Family who did a bang-up job on my yard.  I came home from the hospital one day and found everything (Yes EVERYTHING) weeded and pressure washed.  My mom and sister who stopped, dropped and rolled to my rescue when Jena was born.  Care packages in the mail. Friends who take my kids for the day. A long-distance friend who prayed with me on the phone.  The nun who visited the NICU every other day and prayed for Jena.  Church ladies dropping off casseroles, and all manner for cookies and bars that are keeping us all chubby. Nieces who bring their homework and chill with my kids in the evening.  The special nurse who would read to Jena during the night, when I was asleep forty minutes away.

I feel like a got a tiny glimpse of the body of Christ. So many people who did lots of little things, that put together, made a huge difference.

So I don’t have lots of rapturous words, and wonderful stories that will make everyone weep.  My brain is too foggy and sleep deprived for that.
What I do have is a heart that is overwhelmed with His goodness, because that is what I have seen, cloaked in the actions of his people.

My next post (next week? next month?) is going to be me answering frequently asked questions.   So if you have a question about our adoption, about withdrawal, or maybe my favorite breakfast cereal, feel free to ask away in the comments.  There are alot of questions that people ask, and they usually hover around the same themes.  So I will answer them. No question too stupid or too nosy. And if it is too nosy..well I will be sure to make you feel like an inferior human specie.

12 thoughts on “Sitting and Watching Bubbles Rise

  1. I’m totally encouraged…thanks!  Everything from your babies name choice to picturing your mom and sister ‘stop, drop, and rolling’….well that last one is not so much encouraging as just funny!God bless you!

  2. I always love your posts. You’re in the new baby at home phase, with extras. We have zero expectations of you. ;)If I was closer. I’d hang with your kids. It might be weird since they’ve never met me but I’m sure my kids would make it less awkward. You’re still getting prayers!

  3. Aww! Love this Andrea!  It makes me smile knowing Jena is eating better.  I’ve been wondering how you are doing, and your post answered that! 🙂  Curious about her symptoms, is she cranky like they predicted?  Does she cry alot?  I’ve been praying that you will have patience and grace with her.  Although you always were more patient than me 🙂  So you probably have that nailed down pat.

  4. I never thought about it how bubbles rising is such a wonderful sign… Wow. I have taken so much for granted!And I do have some questions. 🙂 What is the first step to going about an adoption? How can a normal middle-class family afford it? What made you decide to do a local adoption vs. international or national? What made you decide to adopt in the first place?

  5. At the risk of sounding too nosy…I’m wondering what your favorite breakfast cereal is. ;)Seriously, I echo Clarita’s questions. And do you pronounce Jena’s name with a long or short e?

  6. i have thought of you and jena (and all of you) SO much lately. it might sound like i am making that up because i am leaving a comment now… but it’s true. i was so happy to land here and see news and your thoughts. all the words after “it takes a village” made me tear up. what a cool story! yeah…. more to say but i guess all i will say yet is thanks for the update- and may the bubbles keep rising.JESUS be close to your whole family. ❤

  7. So, so good to read this update! thank you for squeezing in the time to do this!  In know your time is in high demand these days.  I l.o.v.e. that you can sit and hold your baby “guilt free”!  Way to go!  I’ll be back to read answer’s to the above questions!  =)Hubs and I have a heart for the “fatherless”, and are wishing we could turn back the hands on our biological clocks a bit.  After Callie (our baby) was born we decided she’s the “cherry on the top”.  Our reasons were primarily that we have to consider our children’s future and keep in mind what our age will be once they are in their teens and twenties. Okay, like for example when Callie is 15, Lee will be 60! ….and I’ll be following right closely behind.  hello!   So, the question I have (and I’m not even asking that you answer this because it’s not a question about your adoption) is, how do we know when we are too old to adopt. LOL, okay, I know that sounds dorky.Now my baby is yelling for me!

  8. I too keep looking for updates and news of baby Jena, and so happy for rising bubbles. So glad for the support you have surrounding you and your family, that simply means the world at times when you desperately need it. It is comforting to me to hear and to be encouraged to do “more” of it myself! prayers and hugs as you try to reach around……

  9. I feel I have been too absent online and missed so much so I spent a bit of time back reading…the arrival of precious Jena.  The tall comment made me smile and the story behind her name and how it had been on your list gave me God bumps.  I am so glad that your village has surrounded you with such warmth and support.  I am adding Jena and your family to my prayer list…   Love your heart and the story God is writing in you, through you… beautiful blessings…

  10. this kind of medical terminology i can still understand—“re-stuff the tube.” made me laugh. those words. but then i cringed when i read that she’s screaming and gagging when you have to do that. so sorry. bless her. and what you shared about the village. your stories are like a jumpstart in my brain to open my own eyes (keeping them open!) to how i am to be the hands and feet of Jesus… right here. and now. and then doing it!

  11. this got sent to me spam!! 😦  but i found it! i’m sooo happy for you all. i feel like i have said that before. but it’s so true! i’m so very happy that jena is sucking and sheesh, you are brave with that ng tube. it weirded me out. and i love that your village rallied around you. that is SO God! 

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