Now we are ready

Where has June gone?  It has disappeared in my pile of to-do lists.  I am such a listy person; it’s the only way I can get things done.  If it’s not on a list, it must not be important enough to do.  So in June I had many, many lists. A monthly list.  Weekly lists.  Daily lists.  It’s so bad that I don’t want anyone to read them, they’re so detailed.  One time I read my “next-day” list and it said take the mail to the mailbox.  That is really embarrassing, and makes it seem like I have no common sense at all.


Here is some stuff on my monthly to do list that I didn’t get done.  Now since I got a lot of other stuff done this stuff seems really stupid and why did I think it was important to be done in June?


Buy a large safe.   Why does that need to be done before the baby comes?  Why is this a pressing need?


Find a trampoline.  Huh? Oh yes, I am always stumbling across unwanted trampolines in my day-to-day life. 


Finish putting my online photo album together.  Really I want to do this yet.


Organize my attic.  Seriously, my attic?  How ambitious was I the beginning of June?


Buy baby bottles.  Yup, that should be done yet.


Fix up Gene’s old childhood barn play-thing for Brandt.  Oh, ha ha ha .



Then I got an email the other day.  Somewhere along the line in this pregnancy I registered at some website and get weekly tips on what you need to do at each stage etc. On the list this week was get a manicure.  Yes, get a manicure.  And the reason was so that on those cute close-ups of you cradling the baby, your hands will look good.  For some reason I couldn’t relate to that, but tonight I totally painted my toenails anyway.  I could barely reach them, and kind of haphazardly swiped around with the polish brush (Gene thought Elena did them for me) so yes, I AM officially READY!


Also a personal highlight is that after nine months, we have finally/sorta/kinda nailed down a name for the babe.  Or as Gene says, if the baby comes we’ll be able to find something that works.  So that totally makes me happy.


The Waiting Game begins!


7 thoughts on “Now we are ready

  1. I totally connect with your need for lists.  I sometimes put things on my list will obviously get done whether they’re on the list or not.  (eg. – I found an old list that included feeding the kids lunch. Did I really think that I’d make them skip lunch if I ddin’t have it on my list… 🙂  It just makes me feel good to be able to cross one more thing off the list.  Best of wishes with your new little one!!

  2. One of my “to do before baby comes” is still setting in the garage.  I’m listy too, just a little unrealistic in what I can actually accomplish!!

  3. Lists are great but I see what you mean…. they can be taken too far. HAHA! I have on my “perpetual” list, “clean out attic.” I think that’s one of those good intentions for many folks. I need to get serious about it though… one day.

  4. i’m exactly opposite.. i think if i can’t remember it without writing it on a list it must not be that important.  good luck with the whole baby thing and if it is a boy and you name it dwight i won’t be mad.. i’m ready to start looking for your dresser if you give me the go ahead.. i want to make sure you want it. k now go have that baby!

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