Now we are ready

Where has June gone?  It has disappeared in my pile of to-do lists.  I am such a listy person; it’s the only way I can get things done.  If it’s not on a list, it must not be important enough to do.  So in June I had many, many lists. A monthly list.  Weekly lists.  Daily lists.  It’s so bad that I don’t want anyone to read them, they’re so detailed.  One time I read my “next-day” list and it said take the mail to the mailbox.  That is really embarrassing, and makes it seem like I have no common sense at all.


Here is some stuff on my monthly to do list that I didn’t get done.  Now since I got a lot of other stuff done this stuff seems really stupid and why did I think it was important to be done in June?


Buy a large safe.   Why does that need to be done before the baby comes?  Why is this a pressing need?


Find a trampoline.  Huh? Oh yes, I am always stumbling across unwanted trampolines in my day-to-day life. 


Finish putting my online photo album together.  Really I want to do this yet.


Organize my attic.  Seriously, my attic?  How ambitious was I the beginning of June?


Buy baby bottles.  Yup, that should be done yet.


Fix up Gene’s old childhood barn play-thing for Brandt.  Oh, ha ha ha .



Then I got an email the other day.  Somewhere along the line in this pregnancy I registered at some website and get weekly tips on what you need to do at each stage etc. On the list this week was get a manicure.  Yes, get a manicure.  And the reason was so that on those cute close-ups of you cradling the baby, your hands will look good.  For some reason I couldn’t relate to that, but tonight I totally painted my toenails anyway.  I could barely reach them, and kind of haphazardly swiped around with the polish brush (Gene thought Elena did them for me) so yes, I AM officially READY!


Also a personal highlight is that after nine months, we have finally/sorta/kinda nailed down a name for the babe.  Or as Gene says, if the baby comes we’ll be able to find something that works.  So that totally makes me happy.


The Waiting Game begins!