Election year, I love you

The first election I remember was George Senior running against Dukakis.  I totally made a hand like this and hung it up at my desk at school. 


August 08  


Because Mennonite second-graders are a huge voting demographic you know.  And in my little brain I thought the presidential vote was taken by a hand-raise. 


In those young years I formed the opinion that Democrats represented the poor and Republicans represented the wealthy.  So I decided a party switch was in order.  And in 6th grade I announced to my fellow-friends who were swinging with me on the playground, that in fact, I was pro-Clinton.  Oh my, a serious unanticipated backlash followed, having to do with abortion.


And so I learned the ugly truth.  You want a fight?  Talk politics.


So yeah, these days our supper conversations revolve around the election and: 


Will there be a Bradley effect?  Is SHE qualified if he dies?”

            It is so not over yet”


And more intelligent conversation.


But I was stunned when I walked in on Elena singing that song: “Obama’s gonna lead us”.  How did she learn it?  I promise I didn’t hear it more than twice, but that’s enough for my daughter to sing along. 


Please don’t tell her Daddy!


Just kidding, of course I told him.  I broke it to him gently, and you know what he managed to chuckle lightly.  Whew.


Want a fight? Talk politics.


***BTW this election is totally responsible for my lack of posting here.  By the time of caught up on Joe Sixpack Joe the Plumber, I’ve got nothing left.


***Anybody have any election predictions? I would love to hear your thoughts.

7 thoughts on “Election year, I love you

  1. Funny post. Love the hand vote for Bush. You want my thoughts, so here goes. The Democrats may say they’re “for the poor and middle class” but the facts reveal that if they truly are, then why have they not changed the lifestyle of the poor, instead of keeping them in bondage to a government program? Prior to 1994, the Dems were in the majority in both Congress and Senate, yet none of their “help” for the poor did any good. The truth is that the Dems don’t want you to achieve the American dream, because if you do, they will put you into that “terrible” category of “the rich,” and will attempt to take your money and give it to the poor. If you can’t tell who I’m voting for by now, go John McCain!!!

  2. “Want a fight?  Talk politics”  Except on Xanga? Earlier I thought McCain was going to win, but lately I’ve been changing my mind.  Totally going on gut feeling because I’ve hardly been keeping up.  You didn’t say who you think will win.

  3. Yep, i’m very much guilty………and i’m in trouble because I don’t believe that Obama is a terrorist or Muslim because of his heritage and last name , and middle name….that said….my views on the issues however, are split between the two candidates…..although i, as a good American, (haha) do not believe in socialism so therefore i cannot support the democrats. I will probably vote for (X) neither. yes, that is my vote……oh, and you should find that book called, “The Myth of a Christian Nation” by Gregory Boyd and read it……….i think you would like it.

  4. @ConradKeim – Must be the influence of higher education that you’re so open to Obama. Those liberal colleges!  Just kidding, I think Obama’s probably a nice guy. But I don’t trust him. And I don’t trust McCain either.

  5. well, i’m no politician so i will leave the speculating to you all. although i will say that it would be nice to have a candidate that we could agree with. but that would be totally crazy…anyway, what i really wanted to say was thanks for the great time at the esh farm. my kids had fun, i had fun, jon did too, i found some suspicious hay in my dryer screen, i love my shirt, do you? let’s run into each other again soon!

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