Election year, I love you

The first election I remember was George Senior running against Dukakis.  I totally made a hand like this and hung it up at my desk at school. 


August 08  


Because Mennonite second-graders are a huge voting demographic you know.  And in my little brain I thought the presidential vote was taken by a hand-raise. 


In those young years I formed the opinion that Democrats represented the poor and Republicans represented the wealthy.  So I decided a party switch was in order.  And in 6th grade I announced to my fellow-friends who were swinging with me on the playground, that in fact, I was pro-Clinton.  Oh my, a serious unanticipated backlash followed, having to do with abortion.


And so I learned the ugly truth.  You want a fight?  Talk politics.


So yeah, these days our supper conversations revolve around the election and: 


Will there be a Bradley effect?  Is SHE qualified if he dies?”

            It is so not over yet”


And more intelligent conversation.


But I was stunned when I walked in on Elena singing that song: “Obama’s gonna lead us”.  How did she learn it?  I promise I didn’t hear it more than twice, but that’s enough for my daughter to sing along. 


Please don’t tell her Daddy!


Just kidding, of course I told him.  I broke it to him gently, and you know what he managed to chuckle lightly.  Whew.


Want a fight? Talk politics.


***BTW this election is totally responsible for my lack of posting here.  By the time of caught up on Joe Sixpack Joe the Plumber, I’ve got nothing left.


***Anybody have any election predictions? I would love to hear your thoughts.