Shaky Economic Times part 1

So how is everyone dealing with the “shaky economic times” these days?  It’s hard to write about.  For obvious reasons no one is going to write: “Well we’re three months behind on rent, and the electricity got shut of yesterday, so I’m posting from the library.” 

One big give-away that people are feeling the pinch though, is the explosion of “frugal living” blogs.  There are tons of them out there.  I love them and I go to moneysavingmom most Sunday afternoons to see what the deals are for the coming week.

 It’s just a little unsettling when your husband mentions different drywall companies that have gone under and small farmers that have sold out.  Hmmm…

So work has been a little scarce for him lately, and I was praying that he would find some jobs.  What do you know, he came home all excited, and Yay! He Had! Work!  Lots of Drywall to Hang! For Several Weeks!

 We had a little dance and jig and praised the Lord that night.  He always provides doesn’t he?
It was short lived (the celebration, not the Lord’s provision) because:

Several hours later, what do you know, he came inside, less excited.  The contractor called and said they can’t afford to sub it out. He’s going to hang the drywall himself.

This just confirmed to me that a little higher up in the food chain, people are doing what they have to do to get by.  Small businesses are feeling it.  Large businesses are feeling it.  Rich people are even feeling it.  I read a report about a Beverly Hills Lady who has not gotten her lips plumped in two months.  I know, wow.

 Really, I’m not a doomsday preacher.  Generally, I’m a realist.  I think the next couple of years are going to stretch us tighter than we’ve ever been stretched before.  When I say we I mean my little family.  I also mean my generation, who so far has had pie in the sky.  And I mean us, as a nation, many of us whom habitually spend more than we make.

Just writing this almost makes me excited.  Almost.   We may be on for a wild ride.  And when this cycle has run its course, (it will eventually) we will be wiser and just better than before.  That’s realistic.


*****Ok here are the disclaimers.  I’m not an economist by any stretch.  So all of this “it’s going to get worse before it gets better” is just my own little opinion, and I have not so much as an article to back it up.  I also thought Hillary would win the Democratic nomination, and you know how that turned out.

Here’s what I’m basing it on:  Some guy in the Drywall Industry told Gene that the manufactor told him that it looks like 2010, is going to be the hardest year.  

I mean, that’s almost like Alan Greenspan right?

9 thoughts on “Shaky Economic Times part 1

  1. Wow.  Good writing.  Not the best reading to wake up to on a Monday morning, being warned that 2010 could be even worse.  You should have shared Saturday night!  Except, not.  Cause then we would have said how bad it really is and no one would believe us!  Poor farmers, landscapers & drywallers.  What WILL we do?  Now start digging into those savings we started when we got married?!    Well, these days we’re holding onto our kids pretty tightly and telling ourselves, “we’re blessed.  mmm-hmm, we are.  Look at our good looking kids.  Thanks, God!”  and the saga begins (continues) in July…

  2. Yeah, we’re livin’ a day at a time, and I too keep reminding myself ofhow amazingly blessed we are.  Absolutely nothing to whine aboutcompared to other people in the world.  We are so spoiled rotten,that’s what.  As i told you before, I’m along for the ride, and i’mexcited about the challenge!!  Well, gotta go make some doggie treatsso we don’t need to buy them anymore.  Hey, gotta do something with allthat liver in the freezer!

  3. very sobering realistic post. I’m sorry that your husband doesn’t have more work. I take my husbands job, and my steady cleaning income, and our  photo business WAY too much for granted! I agree that we, as in this generation, certainly does not know what hard times are.  In any way, shape or form. I often think that there is prly so much we could be learning from our grandparents and others who have come through the depression and war years. Aside from the fact that it will be/ is   hard to see people not having the work they need, and learning to make huge life adjustments, I sometimes wonder why a slower simpler life would be such a bad thing?    It might be the best thing that happens us– relearning those important life skills that have been forgotten in lieu of convenience, such as gardening, making things from scratch, and even sewing.  I dunno.Thanks for the thought provoking post.

  4. One thing about the shaky economy that is so cool — our happiness doesn’t depend on stuff.Did you ever think how uncomplicated our lives might be with less “stuff”?Clair and I were doing some research lately and discovered how spoiled we are.I know you didn’t ask for this, but here are some websites that are very provoking.Let me know if you want more.Websiteshttp://www.thestoryofstuff.com

  5. Andrea,,,,you absolutely crack me up!   You actually write about stuff that interests me (mosts times,,,,,like when its politics or economics…………not mom stuff :)…….) but the economy….humm…….i must say………I talk about it a lot……..if i’m working somewhere and i don’t know what to say to my coworkers…i mention the economy and fuel prices…..I must say that I am becoming passionate about the issue……………………One thing is for sure……..gas and fuel prices are here to stay ……at least for a while…. but Americans will keep spending ……for a while…

  6. I love your posts – and I think you’re probably right – we are spoiled and it probably will get worse. Being your own boss can really stink when the pickins are slim.

  7. Yeah the book is mainly an argument for the European Union as the next superpower.  It gives a history of the unification of Europe which is the revolution we here in America have missed… because we are too busy playing global empire and figuring out which nation to bully when, who to kill, and where to get our natural resources.  (okay so that wasn’t all in the book… that was my addition)  It’s a good history of the European unification movement, its goals, and where it’s headed.  What I wanted to see more was how the EU will relate to Asia and the rising powers there.  I’m quite convinced that the next superpowers will be Europe, China and maybe India.  The USA has failed to grow up and after the disastrous policies of the last 8 years is in real trouble. For example, no other major country has an economy falling apart like ours.

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