Oh, Emma!

Emma is our very pregnant cat.  She thinks she’s a house cat, but really she’s not.  I can’t count the times somebody has come to the door for something, and when I open it she races inside.  It’s, extremely, extremely, oh so very, annoying.

Last night at bed time I was putting some laundry away in our bedroom and straightening up a bit.  I hung a dress up in the closet and as I was doing that, I heard an unmistakable, “meow, meow”.  Tiny newborn kittens, IN MY CLOSET.

Now if you’re wondering what kind of ship I run, I can assure you it’s not a very tight one, since a cat can come inside, have a litter of six, and I’m oblivious.

It turns out, that when Gene came home from work yesterday, Emma slipped in, unbeknownst to me.

Now, a good mom would have seized the opportunity to show her children the miracle of life.  It  would have been the perfect opportunity for an impromptu Biology lesson. (Or is it Science? Or Nature?)  Those ideas did not even register on my Richter scale, as I basically flipped out and forbade my children (and Josh & Danielle, who happened to be here) to enter the bedroom to have a look.  Then I ran to the barn yelling for Gene to come and quick because it is a kitty emergency.

Then I huddled on the couch with Elena until Gene came inside.  I’m not sure why, but the idea of a postpartum cat bonding with her newly born offspring, in my closet, totally and completely freaked me out.  Also, I was worried about my new shoes from Target.

Fifteen minutes later, and the problem is solved.  No shoe damage done.  Instead, I discovered that she had picked my fuzzy blue bath robe to be her delivery room.  I insisted on throwing it away, and Gene thought I was completely insane, but I know I will never wear it again.

 Gene thinks this just proves what a smart cat Emma is, since she obviously planned to have her kittens in our house, the safest place for her.  What can I say?  Emma’s a smart cat.  Tame. Nice Tempered.  Gray and White.  Good Mother.  Anyone interested?

16 thoughts on “Oh, Emma!

  1. Oh my.  I’d be happy to take her and kittens, but Papa may have the fits!  A friend just had a beautiful cat make their place her home.  It is one of those tortoise shelled ones.  Beautiful.Kim

  2. great story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i needed a good laugh,but in the same breath i would have been the same way you reacted to the whole thing!!!!!we have a cat that was trying to get in our house eveytime the door would open,and she was pg. to!!!!told tim that if she gets a chance she will come in hear and have those babies!!he would just laugh ……..but we managed to keep her out and now they are in our window well and much to our dismay that annoying sound of meowing!!!!!DO NOT LIKE CATS !!!!but tim and the lil ones do so i try to grin and bear it!!!!—–annie

  3. GREAT STORY!  thanks for the chuckle!  your such an interesting farm wife.  whenever i go past your place i just have to grin and think to myself “i can’t believe andrea lives on a farm”.  you do a great job never the less from what i see and read about. 

  4. What a great cat story for anyone but me! I am shampooing my carpets today and I’m thinking of doing a extra closet just to release the freak I feel of having a cat in it. I love animals but not in my house.
     Theres always “the thing you do” and then “what you know should have done”…I like that. lol I can see myself doing exactly what you did!

  5. from the title- i thought emma was going to be a little amish neighbor girl. that story just kills. i am not kidding when i say that i think growing up on a farm is the best place for a kid to be raised. galen was, and you should hear him rave. 🙂 

  6. eww, gross.  I’d never wear that piece of clothing again.  And probably not any other within a 1 foot radius! I’d be sniffing & gagging for months.  btw, Congrats, Emma!  Happy mothering.  -m

  7. AWESOME STORY!!!  Someday, when your old and gray, you’ll be telling this great story to your grandchildren.  It will keep them VERY entertained.   Honestly, I don’t like cats and I would’ve freaked out too!  Here’s an idea for the bathrobe.  Wash it well, and drop it off at the thrift store.  Nobody will ever know its history and will be so delighted to find such a nice warm bathrobe at such a great price.

  8. ya prolly c my footprints alot but every time i read ur storys i sit here n laugh….maybe ya still remember who i m…..just ask chery who the best tenor on chorus this year is (very much kidding) n she’ll tell ya who i m…

  9. nice. you didn’t even tell us how cute those kitties are. actually, i think even I would be disgusted. more from the surprise of it. like, if a cat can sneak in and do that, what other creature can sneak in and do whatever. have you checked your attic for possums? well, you crack me up. keep writing!

  10. oh, yeah we are coming in may and WE ARE SO excited!! it seems like it`s been too long since we`ve been in PA and seen (PA) people!! def. looking forward to seeing ya`ll…

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