Laundry Brings out the Best in Me

Today while I was doing laundry I was talking , thinking about how cool it would be to be one of those people who are always prepared.  You know who I mean.  The person who just happens to have a fresh pecan pie when the unexpected, out-of-state visitors drop by for a chat.  And then she invites them to stay for supper, and pulls out a frozen casserole that has been made ahead for such occasions.  Then she runs to her garden and throws together a tossed salad, she whips out her fine china and Princess House goblets that are not  in storage in the attic, but instead, ready for drinkage in the cupboards.  Oh, and she even cuts little cherry tomatoes into roses that grace the individual salad plates.  All those thoughts led me to think of this:  Why don’t I keep whoopie pies in my freezer?  Constantly!!  Loud amen’s all around.  Seriously, this is a win/win/win.  Because:

1.        I don’t like whoopie pies.  Ok, technically I don’t hate them, but I don’t crave them at all.  I won’t be raiding the freezer for a whoopie pie like a would for a chocolate chip cookie, or a brownie, or a chocolate  mocha cheesecake or Hershey’s Bar or I think you get the picture.

2.       When people, like say, Fergie, drops by, I would always have something on hand.  No more saying things like “Well, I found some marshmallows wallowing about in the bottom of the drawer, oh also a Wheat-thin, I hope you enjoy that with your water”.  Instead I’ll breeze into the living room with a platter full of whoopie pies and say saucily “Here, I have these on hand, they are an authentic Amish treat”.

3.       People will be so impressed because everyone knows whoopie pies take forever to make.  Let them think that.  They never need to know that I just picked them up at Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop, because why in the world would I spend time making an” Authentic Amish treat” that I don’t even like?

4.       I would just love to see Fergie with that goopey whoopie pie brown teeth that you get from eating Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop’s finest.

And those are my deepest thoughts as I was doing laundry.  Pretty sad, huh?

11 thoughts on “Laundry Brings out the Best in Me

  1. ROTFL
    Fergie?! I would love to see her with whoopie pie teeth.
    I shall savor this post all evening long, I believe.

  2. whoopie pies?  I barely ever make them because they never turn out like the best from Bird-in-hand bake shop, Lanc. Co. finest!  If you ever find a picture of Fergie with whoopie pie teeth, let us all know! 

  3. You are hilarious.  I do my laundry in the room everyone comes in and yes, I often think, what would people think?  And no such thing as whoopie pies in my freezer either.  Sadly, I’d eat them all…myself…if I did have.

  4. Missed you last night. And No, I don’t “do” woopie pies either! But yes there are some in my freezer for hubby. I love your ramblings… they make me smile.

  5. fergie, in amish country?  that would be a sight in itself.  let alone with clumps of whoopie in her mouth.  def. send her to the bakeshop if she stops by.  i think your site is one of my most fav. to read.  doesn’t that make you just wanna post all the time?  ha ha. o, n thanks for advertising. 

  6. ok you are truly the bomb! fergie with whoopie pie teeth??? the mental pic is enuf to make me keel over with laughter! reading ur posts makes me mis u! millie

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