Life and Super Tuesday

I love my kids, but it’s time for them to move from the top. Run along children.

My mind keeps wondering these days.  So many people are dealing with intense stuff right now that it just seems insensitive to post a normal “me” (silly & shallow) post.  Also, the next post I was going to put up here was a complainy old thing about my kids always being sick. With Savannah’s death, and baby Brennan in the hospital it seemed pretty obnoxious.  Thank you God for my snotty-nosed kids!  I will try not to complain again as I wipe their boogers and smear cream on their chapped cheeks.  God has a way of showing us the larger picture doesn’t he?  At least he causes me to realize that I’m not the only person on the planet, even if I live like I am.  Life is such a journey.


Life also includes American politics. Last at the supper table Gene and I were arguing about today.   He says McCain has the r nomination wrapped up.  I say Romney is going to surprise us all and crush McCain. Ok not crush, but win.  I was so sure about this I tried and tried to get him to bet me, but he didn’t do it. (He’s more godly than me) We both say “Huckabee you’re a nice guy and all, but it’s time to move on.”

And as far as the democrats go, I still stand by the persuasion that Hillary has the nomination.  I think Gene actually kind of agrees with me on this, but I really hope I’m wrong.  Except sometimes I find myself wanting her to be ahead in the polls, just so I can be right. How pathetic is that?

Wondering…Are there any other dorky, menno moms who like to follow politics?

Also, how wise is it to post this when in a few short hours I’ll be proven wrong… or right?!


15 thoughts on “Life and Super Tuesday

  1. my menno husband keeps me filled in:) Me, I hardly hear him and am happier if I don’t hear him.  He seems too think Hillary’s tears has the whole female nation swayed.

  2. I say it’s going to be McCain & Obama because, well, just because.  Maybe no one will be able to get out and vote though according to this.  Well, maybe it just pertains to a few states… 

  3. Definitely McCain & Obama–unless Hillary tries to buy off the whole nation.  Although I will admit to having hoped for a Romney vs. Obama election since last february.  (Hoping for things in this arena….means that i find it entertaining…think of all the one-liners in a debate between Obama and Romney.)

  4. I havn’t checked whats happening today but yeah we follow politics very closely around here too.  I’m afraid its going to be McCain & Clinton, I sure hope I’m wrong on both counts. Clinton just does not go away!

  5. I don’t really care if it’s McCain or Romney, but I really hope Obama gets the democratic vote.  He intrigues me so much because he’s part-Luo from Kenya.  We watched the democratic debates on our TV (oops,I mean the computer) the other day and I almost missed my nap from being so fascinated by it.

  6. i was just at walmart and the cashier talked the whole time about politics. i never said much. there was a lot of mumbling and i could never get it all, but she kept saying over and OVER, “Hillary has done some bad things, some BAD THINGS. I listen to talk radio”– (she said as way of explanation). since i had just read your post before i left i had to think of how much you would have enjoyed it. obama has a way with the words. you have to like him even if you don`t agree with all his policies. i like huckabee but yeah, i think he`s over.

  7. I used to be up with all the politics, and now I hardly know who’s who.  I really miss being in the know when I read something like this.  Maybe I’ll need to subscribe to some news update thing.

  8. believe it or not, i’ve actually been paying a little bit of attention this time. but i don’t think i could ever round up as much enthusiasm as you do. 🙂 what kind of levers are you pulling to watch this year? teehee.

  9. One can’t really get away from politics unless they don’t read/watch/hear the news. Who’s that? If nothing else I need to follow Clintons amazing feminine control tactics, it’s lame but convincing. I really don’t believe she’ll win though. I enjoyed your posts they made me laugh and think…

  10. RYC: i agreed with everything you said. pretty much the thoughts that were going through my mind… i mean you want to wake up and hear paul revere when he says “the british are coming”! (or something like that)but, i`m just not sure where we (he) gets that we are so deserving of being rescued.galen thinks Dr D is a politician and that he has to have news to sell or he is out of business. galen is always pretty cynical. but galen is (hate to say it) mostly always right. hmm, thanks for commenting. i liked your thoughts.

  11. I follow politics, too. 🙂  My husband got me started and i actually listen to Rush L., and Shawn Hannity, and find it very interresting.  I also like to know what my husbands talking about when he’s talking about different names in politics.  I think it’ll be O’Bama and McCain.  My husband was hoping for Romney, but that’s out since he dropped out. 🙂

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