Life and Super Tuesday

I love my kids, but it’s time for them to move from the top. Run along children.

My mind keeps wondering these days.  So many people are dealing with intense stuff right now that it just seems insensitive to post a normal “me” (silly & shallow) post.  Also, the next post I was going to put up here was a complainy old thing about my kids always being sick. With Savannah’s death, and baby Brennan in the hospital it seemed pretty obnoxious.  Thank you God for my snotty-nosed kids!  I will try not to complain again as I wipe their boogers and smear cream on their chapped cheeks.  God has a way of showing us the larger picture doesn’t he?  At least he causes me to realize that I’m not the only person on the planet, even if I live like I am.  Life is such a journey.


Life also includes American politics. Last at the supper table Gene and I were arguing about today.   He says McCain has the r nomination wrapped up.  I say Romney is going to surprise us all and crush McCain. Ok not crush, but win.  I was so sure about this I tried and tried to get him to bet me, but he didn’t do it. (He’s more godly than me) We both say “Huckabee you’re a nice guy and all, but it’s time to move on.”

And as far as the democrats go, I still stand by the persuasion that Hillary has the nomination.  I think Gene actually kind of agrees with me on this, but I really hope I’m wrong.  Except sometimes I find myself wanting her to be ahead in the polls, just so I can be right. How pathetic is that?

Wondering…Are there any other dorky, menno moms who like to follow politics?

Also, how wise is it to post this when in a few short hours I’ll be proven wrong… or right?!