Thoughts when I was out and about…

  Yesterday Gene came home from work early.  I was so happy, and not one to shirk opportunity, immediately planned a quick shopping trip.  Yea!  Shopping with out screeching, and jabbering, and spilled sippy cups and soiled diapers. A VCST (very cool shopping trip)

   I needed to get curtains since we have lived here two years now and still have naked windows. The reason my widows are  naked is because (and this is where I am desperately wondering if I’m normal, delusional, or suffering some psychological disorder) EVERYTIME I go to buy curtains.  I get a MAJOR GUILT COMPLEX. 

  Like, there are starving babies in Africa who  I could buy 1500 bowls of rice to fill their hungry bellies with warm nourishment.  But I will plunk my money on the counter to adorne my windows.  Cosmetic purposes only.  Window treatments are not a necesity you know.  It is possible to do with out.  So for two years I just never bought any.  Now, I have money specifically put aside for these windows. (Gene thought it was time to put some clothing on them, and gave me money for my birthday)

  So yesterday I finally bought curtains, despite the “starving baby syndrome” as I affectionately call it.  My question to you is:  Do any of you suffer from this thing?  Please tell me to get over it already.  Or tell me that you feel it too sometime.  I also have symptoms when I buy clothes for myself.  Like why do I need another sweater if there are shivering cold babys in Tibet with icicles hanging on their nose? I could buy two blankets with the same money. 

  The thing is I don’t feel a twinge of guilt when I buy clothes for my kids or Gene.  It’s only when I buy clothes for myself.  How messed up is that?  So I can buy Elena a new dress that she dosent really need, and not feel guilty, but I can’t buy myself a pair of socks that I need because they all ran away from me like socks frequently do, but I feel like trash because of the sockless people on the streets.  Help me guys!  What is my problem?  Don’t tell me it’s the godly gift of mercy because Gene will laugh his socks off.  It’s not my gift. Trust me on this one.  AND whatever you do don’t tell me to save money by making my own curtains or knitting my own socks because it aint gonna happen and you may just get beheaded.

  So that was my deep thinking as I was buying curtains. 

And before I go and decide what to make for supper, here are some pictures.  The title is: 

                  When Andrea Decides to Be Cheap and Take Her Own Christmas Card Pictures 
                                               thoughts of a non-photographer

Brand & Elena -1

Elena nozzle him just a little. Brandt look here, look here! Brandt! LOOK!


Brand & Elena -2
“No, it’s Ok Brandt, mommy wasnt yelling at you because you were
bad. Elena, stop with the kissing already!”


Brand & Elena-4
Elena, try not to be so Bucky Beaver. Brandt, thumb out please..


Brand & Elena-3
Brandt!! Thumb! Thumb! Elena!!  Camera!


Brand & Elena-6

 Hey who let the cat in?  This is unacceptable, could you guys at least
try to get on the backdrop?


Brand & Elena7
Great!  We are on the backdrop! No cat in sight! Quickly now smile at the camera……

Yup that’s how it goes at my house!


8 thoughts on “Thoughts when I was out and about…

  1. I’d use the Bucky Beaver one. But, that’s just me.
    I get that syndrome. Sometimes. I also get the one that’s called “I Hate Having Naked Windows Because What If Someone Sees Me Running From The Shower To The Bedroom.” So, therefore I have a few curtains on the windows.
    I solve the problem of guilt when buying clothing for myself, by shopping at Goodwill. I figure, I’m getting quality, cool clothes for really cheap, and I’m helping people out in the process. Can’t beat that.
    There, that’s enough paragraphs beginning with I. Happy curtain hanging!

  2. realistic kid photos are all the rage now, didn’t you know? let the little guy have his thumb!and i can identify with ya on the curtain syndrome. i think its a good thing actually. to spend less on my “needs” and give more to the real needs of others. great season to be thinking about this… i know that God doesn’t want us to be living in constant torture tho. hmm. there are people who believe that we could end world hunger in this generation! that would be worth all the naked windows and so-last-season-sweaters!

  3. I definitely identify with the curtain syndrome.  I can’t bring myself to buy curtains for my girls’ bedroom for that very reason.  I finally got cheap ones on sale for our bedroom, and now i’m not happy with the quality and berate myself for thinking everything has to be so quality! 

  4. at least your kids are staying in the picture. lucas just tried to run away, so he is firmly clamped by my side and josh is holding noah weird so he looks like he doesn’t have fingers. and neither of them are smiling. oh well. i feel guilty like that when i throw away food, like all the hungry tummies in haiti that would love my been in the fridge to long stir fry.

  5. great thoughts! i think Jesus would love that too! and i think the other issue is a freedom issue. i think for me it is going thru the Father-loves-me-no-matter-what-period-end-of-it. as i get it more and more how he loves and accepts me the guilt slowly melts away. only then am i free to buy and give out of what i truly am. still a work in i rambling?

  6. How did I miss this?  I was cleaning up the inbox and found an old subscription…I also suffer from guilt for shopping.  I don’t know why it bothers me so much for some things and not for others. I’ve started thinking, though, that I should be more shaken by the spiritual poverty than physical.

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