Happy Birthday Bubba

       Florida for Thanksgiving 2007 107 

       Florida for Thanksgiving 2007 007

       Brandt Cheesy Grin 

                                     Brandt: sword

                Daniel:  God is my judge

  Seems like I’m just getting to know this little guy who has added so much joy in our lives.  We just love him to pieces, but I know we’re just getting started, there is so much more to be discovered in the coming years.  My prayer for Brandt is that God would do more in his life than we can ask or think. Can’t wait! 

Side Note:  He did not have the happiest of Birthdays, he spent the day being sick. And taking a five hour nap. We’ll give him his tractor tomorrow.  I have to admit first birthdays are the bomb because they have no idea what the fuss is about and don’t have a clue if you skip like we did.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bubba

  1. I can’t believe he’s one already! That first year always flies by so fast, at least for me. I know what you mean about first birthdays. First Christmas’ are the same. Why buy that extra gift before we need to?

  2. I didn’t know Brandt means sword.  I like it.  He kinda sworded you up for a while though, huh?  Sorry to hear about your sickly week.  That stinks.  Anyway, celebrate that one year is over –  things get better from here on out.  He’s cute & funny.  Love your FL pics.  Do we get one for Christmas? See ya & Merry Christmas! šŸ™‚  -m
    ps :  you have what it takes.  I know it.

  3. he is a cutie. and looks a bit ornery. like he is thinking of all the places where he would love to rub that cake. first b-days are the best. you can invite who you want, when you want and give minimal gifts. with zoe, her party was a month late. šŸ™‚

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