quotes I’ve run into the last week

I love quotes. And of course I feel this need to explain each one.  Here goes:

“They’re kind of the little guy.  We need to stick up for the little guy.”
-Unknown actor (to me anyway)about the WGA strike.
This is like one of my favorite topics to read up on lately. It’s just so intriguing to me.

“Laughter is just carbonized holiness”. – Anne Lamott
I really connected with that theory, not sure how true it is.

“Tea Party pooper” – Sister Bear in The Berenstein Bears.
This has led to some unfortunate language incidents at our house.

“It’s very clever.  I learned a lot of things” -Heidi Klum
On how Brittany Spears, taught her that diapers can be strapped on using the sticky tabs on
the side of the diaper instead of tying a string around the baby.

“Brandt, do you want to come?  We’re having a meeting.” -Elena
After she put two of her chairs in the empty bathtub. A bathtub meeting, pehaps?

“This is a true story.  You can tell because it makes your stomach turn.”-John Crawford
Author of  a gripping, dark book called The Last True Story I’ll Ever Tell

“I get sorta tired of people asking me what kind of camera to buy”-Shannon King
I think she needs to put a frequently asked questions on her website to combat this problem. But
armed with the info she gave, I tackled Circuit City yesterday and came home the proud new owner
of an XXstreme YTZOlympus Ultra-Sharpshooter. Ok that’s not the name. Don’t ask because I don’t know techi
stuff like that

“I can imagine the horrors.” Circuit City Clerk
On shopping with kids.

Catch you all later.


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