from the house of us

We have just discovered our favorite form of entertainment during supper.  See, Elena is into singing. Major.  Every day she sing and sings and well, bellows her way through all her favorite songs.  So at supper she’ll start singing and then we add little repeats and refrains. And it drives her nuts.


Us. The dell dell dell boom ba-da boom dell



Us. The farmer takes a knife (Because singing the wrong words sets her off too)

Her:  NO, A WIFE!!

Maybe we’re just really cruel, but I think supper so far has ended with her being happy, so we’ll probably just keep on doing it unless we see that were scarring her more than what is the norm.

Now todays dilemma:  I need to go buy things.  We are out of stuff.  Like computer paper,and Shampoo, and milk.  But, I just can’t make myself go pack up the kids and go to Wal Mart. I’m not in the mood for Great Value, and Rollback prices and standing in line for 25 minutes and kids that want to ride that little car thing and trying to smile at the greeter, and finding a parking spot beside that cart carrell and blue blue blue aprons with yellow smiles.  What a pickle I’m in.

And I just re-read my paragraph and wow, only in America do you have a brat like me who has to complain about how nice I have it. Maybe we’ll make it a family outing tonight.

6 thoughts on “from the house of us

  1. i want to be your kid! you guys are funny parents. :)funny- i`m putting of a “wooster run” for groceries even as we speak. now we got invited away so… i`m not going! as always– love your style.

  2. I took my “long put off” trip to wal-mart earlier this week.  I had a looong list of things I needed.  After putting it off for a week or two I finally went.  and it wasn’t very fun- with just one child.  How will it be w/ two?!

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