Stuff I think about and Brittany

I’ll just fill this space with stuff I think about.  Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about fame. Or more specifically our (the media’s the country’s, mine, yours)  infatuation with fame and celebrity.  Is it our depraved nature searching for God but filling it up with other things?  A human’s search for immortality? (I heard it explained that way once)  Or is it because we think they have way more interesting lives than we do, so we watch the way celebrities live theirs, so we can pick it apart and laugh, consequently feeling good about ourselves?  Or do we really like these people and just get a rush out of seeing them shopping at Target and buying lattes.(Just Like Us!!)

And I can seriously hear people saying “Oh I don’t follow pop culture”.  Whatever. There are still people you like reading about, that you admire/respect//abhor/destain, maybe just not Brittany Spears.

Anyway specifically about Brittany Spears. Why, why why is she such a media target right now?  I really honestly pity her. And I was defending her to my husband the other day.  Yeah, not many people do that.  This is my theory:  If you take a person who’s “duck are not in a row” and add fame it equals some level of disaster.  Fame just messes people up.  It magnifies their problems and the whole world laughs and points their fingers and feels smug, as someone slowly self-destrucks.

I think maybe I pity her because she’s my age, and her kids are my kids ages. Ok I know that’s not a good reason.  I know that logically I have no reason for piting her because well, duh you reap what you sow. But I do anyway, unexplically.  So that’s my rant.  I know that if I would be in a conversation with someone they could probably shoot thousands of holes into my little argument.  That’s ok, I’m glad it’s xanga, not an argument.

So my advice to you is: ummm I really don’t have any advice.  Uh..don’t get famous?
Or say lots of prayers for Miley Cyrus.

7 thoughts on “Stuff I think about and Brittany

  1. Great post, Andrea. I don’t follow pop culture in the way that a fanatic would- but on the other hand, I don’t ignore it, either. If I see Matthew McConaughey on the front of People magazine when I’m in the checkout lane at Walmart, I sure do look at it!! Who doesn’t?! I agree about Britney Spears. I pity her, too. Always have. There are thousands of people living her life, sans the wealth, but yet we target her. Oh well, I do pity her, but I always think that if people want to be famous they should also know that they are making themsleves fodder for millions of people who lust after pleasure and entertainment. Anyway, I sure won’t shoot holes in your argument. 🙂

  2. Funny and relieving!!! i’m not the only weird one..! i must admit i enjoy occasionally reading up on the latest pop culture! and altho Chet thinks i’m crazy…i have always felt really bad for Brittany too! have a great week!

  3. I admit that I feel sorry for her, too, because she is my age and has two little kids. But in another way, it seems like she doesn’t even try to avoid her many public “mishaps.” It’s like she feels like she doesn’t have it anymore and bad publicity is better than none. But I admit, I love following the celebrity gossip and photos–I guess their lives seem glamorous and they usually look beautiful, but most of them are very unhappy, so why do we do it?

  4. I could’ve written exactly what you did about Britney.  I think she’s a pitiful person that everyone loves to pick on right now.  I feel very sorry for her.  Imagine being pg twice and all that and then your ex gets the kids.  Not the life for me!

  5. Looks like you aren’t as crazy as you thought you might be – I too have felt sorry for Brittany – I know she dug her own hole – but just leave her go now – it’s just overboard! Oh – and loved the post – keep it up! Mj

  6. its so dumb– i guess we see so much of them we half think we “know” them… and why just because they are actors for a JOB are they like the royalty of society? i say paparazzi should start idolizing and following all dry wallers. put them on the front of so many magazines that people know all them and their families names.
    Headline: Esh Family Spends The Weekend In Lancaster County.

  7. you are funny. i like reading your jon and i were talking bout toby mac and i thought it was weird to think that he misses his wife and kids. jon thought that was silly. he thought it was weird that he would stand and wait on his luggage. clipping finger nails, shopping for undies, buying soap… all odd. not that brit would have to buy her own soap but toby might. 🙂

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