My Sermon

Life’s ok right now. I mean ok in a good way too.  We laugh daily at Elena.  We coo in delight at Brandt’s latest development. (Hey look, he can clap!)  I realized last night that we have left the thing called “newlywed” and are settling into the dreaded “middle ages”.  Kind of sad, but I guess it’s time to move a long.  It’s sad because I have this fear that life will suddenly pass me by.  I’ll be 80 years old in the “elderly care facility” and I’ll say to the young CNA who’s tending my bedsore, “Oh life just passed by in a flash”.  She will blink and say “Yeah whatever” and roll her eyes at the candy striper feeding me applesauce.  Then they will giggle to themselves and think that they will be young forever.

So what I’m trying to say, is that I’m trying to just enjoy.  Life. Stuff. Out-to-eats with friends. Cheesecake. Days when you get nothing done. Days when you conquer it all.  Days when you splurge and days when the generic brand is too expensive.  Oh and the mommy tip I learned the last days. Took me awhile but I learned.  So often I wanted alone time on the computer or something.  So when the kids were busy, yea!!! I would surf the web or read and it was way cool.

  But at the end of the day it was so not the highlight of my day.  Almost always my highlight was something goofy Elena said. Or hanging around the bar after supper. Or all piling into the truck to test the moisture level of the corn.  (Ok, I made that one up)  Sometimes I think alone time is over-rated.  So now if you call in the middle of the afternoon I will always be baking a cake for the neighbors, or donating my time at Water Street Rescue Mission.  That was a joke too.  I still xanga.   EEEE that’s the first smiley I ever put on a post. Seems kinda cheesy.

But can you imagine if someone asked you what the best part of your week was and you said.  “Well on Wednesday I got 3 whole interrupted hours so i like was on Xanga for two hours and on Myspace for one.  It totally rocked dude.  And then I watched these wicked awesome videos on Youtube for a while.  I seriously hope I get more days like that soon.”   AAAugh it makes me feel like a pile of rubish just reading it.

Ok I just read that and it sounded preachy.  Oh well that’s a risk I’ll take. Sorry.

Soooo I’ll end this thing with an Elena quote:

“He’s such a pretty princess”  about Brandt at bedtime

13 thoughts on “My Sermon

  1. I loved your post!!!  You have such a way with words.  I do hope that you do not have a bed sore in an “elderly care facility” ever — or anywhere for that matter!

  2. great post. you are so wise i never thot about alone time like that before, but it is so true.  At the end of the day it’s not the hour alone that you think about as the highlight of your day, not ever. usually it was those moments you spent w/ someone. Even when you’re not a mommy yet.  

  3. I enjoyed your post too.  I love my quiet times, but also love the noise.  I think its  sad to hear little kids say “my mom just watches tv or sits at the computer” You know they’re thinking “she doesn’t even care about me”

  4. Good thoughts and good choice of words. I made some commitment about computer time this week just because I kept feeling that “pile of rubish feeling”.Check out the very last part of this xanga site:amoshaunBTW the book title caught my eye — is it worth reading?

  5. Great thoughts – I can get a little caught up with other things too – and you are right – thinking back on a day full of those kinds of things – is the least bit fulfilling! Thanks for the reminder! Mj

  6. love it. ive been thinking about making the most of my time too. like during nap time instead of sitting around reading my magazines, i can plan supper (instead of waiting until 5:05) or run on the treadmill (teehee) or have some quality reading time. i was wondering what you thought of that book too.

  7. Wow, that was so wise and so true, thanks for that.  I really hope you find someone to go with next weekend, it really spites me that I can’t cuz a road trip with you and your kids sounds like fun to me, I am being totally serious. 

  8. I think about the whole thing of cherishing the moment so much!  I’m glad to see I’m not the only one…  It makes me sad to think of how time flies past us but at the same time it’s such a fun and wonderful time.  And I try to make each day count and not just be putting in time… whatever, you said it all, why am I repeating it…  I’m loving getting to know you in a different way, Andrea.

  9. Brent was in Peru for 5 mo back in 99 on a YES team (with eastern menn. missions).  He’s always wanted to go back & now we’re actually doing it!  Just for 10 days though. We’re going to visit the places he was at, be tourists (not planning on roughing it too much), & visit Machu Picchu .  Yeah!!  Hope you’re having a good week & have fun in Ohio!

  10. Ah, yes, I do remember you, too. Of course I had to think of how time flies so fast and how our lives and circumstances can change so drastically in ten years’ time. But you, are the same as I remember from way back then. Your writing is delightful! Post again, quick, so I can read more! lol Blessings to you and yours; have a great week. -Jasmine

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