Gene paid me an unusual compliment yesterday.  “Hey you’re keeping your flowers alive this year”, he said.  It made me feel good, because it’s true:  I have zero green thumbs.  And yes, my flowers are alive, not thriving, but alive, and that’s what counts in my book.  Of the three rows of carrots I planted, one survived. Not one row, one carrot.  I’m not sure if I should pamper it or pull it out.  I’m on round number two with pepper plants because the original ones didn’t make it.  I have three half rows of green beans instead of the three full rows I planted.  On the upside, I have three healthy looking squash plants and that’s funny since I didn’t plant any squash.  Oh well.  I’m not sure why I torture myself this way.  I guess the reason is when I’m finally done and have my green beans in the freezer, I can think, “boy I feel like a virtuous woman”.

 Speaking of virtuous women, I was reminded yesterday during church of the Proverbs 31 women.  So I took a little peek at her.  And I was reminded again of my love/hate relationship with her.  I wonder why so much attention is given to the things she does instead of her heart.  I wonder since she’s so busy does she have time for her children?  I wonder if it ticks her off that her husband can bum around at the gate while she’s out buying fields.  I guess most of all she intrigues me, because I’m not sure if she exists.    On the other hand, I would definitely recommend a woman like that to my son too.  Now before you get all worked up about my warped view of her, I’ll say this: She is an inspiration to me, and she’s a frustration to me.  I’m actually learning to have a little more faith because of her.  Faith that there is a good reason God let her in the Bible, not just to tick me off or make me feel like a failure, something more.  And in case you’re wondering, yes, I have had this fixation on her for quite a while now. I keep thinking I need to do an in-depth study on her to put it to rest once and for all.

End with some pictures of my kids.  Seriously I never knew I had such strong maternal genes.  Sometimes I love my kids so much my heart feels like it will explode.  Other times, oh well, we won’t go there.  I guess today is one of those days I look at my little boy and girl and “I want to squish you guys to pieces!”.


This is what she does all day: Plays with the kittens. And yes, she gets filthy.


This is what he does all day: Rolls around in his walker. He loooves it.


I love this picture, they’re both cracking up.


I had to add this one, because she is wearing

my old dress.  Her little mind can almost not

comprehend that I once fit into that dress, she

thinks it’s too cool!

So long, see you next month!

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  1. I’m sooo glad I’m not the only one who inwardly “hates” (?) “HER”.  I loved your thoughts.  They made me think…maybe I will have to do an indepth study too.  She really does intrige me.
    Any garage sales lately?  I’m done for now.  Manly because I have too much stuff.  But come Fall I will have the “itch” once again.

  2. this whole thing made me laugh.
    honestly i just love your kids. i dont think galen has got such a big bang out of a kid as he did in elana, really ever. i cant wait to show him that last shot– he will die. 🙂 so cute.
    hey, atleast you HAVE a garden. you can count yourself one notch more virtuous than me right now. …the “proverbs 31” woman, well, she is a stuff of dreams. 🙂 the one the woman dream of being and the one the men dream of marrying. sigh. fun to think about though.

  3. What a good post, I loved it. I don’t have a green thumb either. This year I actually got marigolds (normally I hate them, but they had this off-white color that I thought looked kinda pretty) because I thought these will surely thrive and be very hardy. Well, they didn’t look very good for a long time, but I think they’re actually snapping out of it. Btw, God must have a plan for that carrot plant! 🙂 Your kids look just like you, and I must say they are very cute!

  4. loved your post.  Shnuck kids and hey, even though i don’t get to talk to you much Elena still calls me kinda faithfully, maybe one of these times she will get the courage to say something. 

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