Baby Update

I had to share an update tonight, I just got some pictures from the mall. To you people who can take pictures of your children with your own camera, and have results that look more like a child and less like an alien, be very happy.  I’m trying to weigh how much I care about this.  Enough to go buy a big girl camera? As I see it, with my little point and shoot, there is no pressure for stellar pictures. If I buy a dslr  then suddenly I have to worry about aperture, exposure, ISO numbers, depth of field and whatnot. I’m not sure that I have the wherewithal to attack that monster right now.  However; I am sick of taking tons (literally tons!) of pictures and being disappointed at the alien-ish qualities of my children.

Onward and upward…Jena is doing…good.  She is finally eating like a champ.  I never realized the stress of trying to get a child to gain weight until now.  She keeps me busy, because she is not seeing one doctor but three different doctors. (Family Doc, Feed Specialist, and the NICU miracle Doctor)
We brought her home from the hospital at five weeks, when she was barely 8 lb.

I got to experience the newborn stage for what seems like quite a while.  She (in my opinion) was still like a new born when she came home.  Her feeding issues resolved themselves, there is nothing “wrong” per say with her palate, it turns out she needed more time to develop those special sucking muscles.

I think she may be one of those children that needs more time to accomplish all those milestones, but she’ll get there at her own pace.  She hovered in “my tiny head is much too heavy for my neck so I will let it dangle” status for a long time, but finally has graduated to “bobble-head” status.

She has always been a cuddle bug, but now she is thrilling us with her smiles and giggles.  Did I mention she is precious?  She is.   This child has wiggled her way into my heart, and I love loving on her.  I was worried before she was born that she wouldn’t feel like she is mine.  My worries are put to rest, when I look at her in the morning, I see my girl.  I see someone who brings out the softness in so many different people.

She is a sweetheart. And we love her so much.

String O’ Iphone Photos

1. I instagrammed this, and Gene’s neice was talking about how adorable it is…and then
Gene’s nephew said “I don’t know what so great about it, its just Gene sleeping”

2.  Took the kids + 1 cousin to the parade.  Fun Times.

3. Kids at Dutch Wonderland.
Little third-born photo-bomber.

4. Here’s a picture of you Madi.

5. And another. In fact most of the pictures on here are of you.

6. We do this a lot.

7. A LOT

8. Pretty much every day

9. Do you know how hard it is for me to get good pictures of my kids?

10. Very Hard.

11.  In fact its hard to get good pictures of any
of us.
Note to self: Grey sweat-panted legs in the forefront
are not helping.

12. I like to wear this handy wrap around the home.
My good granola friend gave it to me.  I’m hoping she won’t be
offended I just called her granola.

13.  CALM DOWN Dearies!  I Know her head is flopping
to the side like a baby seal. I have it under control.  I insert
a blanket to because I’m not a fan of high stress on the
structures of the spine.

14. The One Picture I Truly Love.

15. This is the charming book I saw at the thrift store.
How adorable is that?  I hovered on the fence for a good
ten minutes, but ultimately left it there. Because I am all
about the practical.

16. My son the magician.

17. My daughter the organizer. Although her method
did not make a lot of sense to me.

18.  Some evenings I randomly lay all the kids on the couch.
Try it sometime.

19. True story:
Me: “Madi what is your favorite kind
of vegetable?”
Her: “umm.. Cake”

20. She is equal parts sugar and spice.
(not cinammon though, more of a lemon-pepper spice)

21. Coffee which I detoxed from two months ago….
Has landed squarely and soundly back into my life.
That loud THUD..was me falling not so gracefully of the wagon.

22.  This is maybe why I should stay behind the camera.

and a good weekend to you all!